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You are right, I should have made it more obvious...

Yeah, it is, the first game to try to ever make. It was a failure from the start, but hopefully, we will resume the development sometime...

Oh, hi! Fellow developer here, this game is really well made in terms of mechanics and so on. If you are interested, I am quite entertained by the idea of working with you on future projects. By the way, Stefan mi-a prezentat jocul:).  Contact:


We really apreciate it, thank you !

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Thank you very much for playing our game and giving feedback, we really apreciate it. We were aware of some of the game's flaws but because of the time constrains we were unable to fix them. And yes, the game was made for this particular game-jam, we thought it would be interesting to make a dungeon-crawler implementing the "mirror" theme but we got side-tracked a little. Thanks again.

We plan to post jam.

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Hi, added something in the description(currently the game does not add any new features for web monetized users).

Oh, so now the jam is done, the game is pretty hard, would not try it again unless you are into that. Cheers!

It is a game jam game and the jam is currently running. You can check it out later, we are still working on this.

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How can I test a unity webGl for web monetization compatibility without buying a subscription for coil

I have exactly the same problem

Thank you

Thanks for playing!

I agree with you, but i had no time.

It kinda is, but if you would pick something as the silliest, what would it be?

Note: the music was not made in the 48 hour time slot

we hope so too!


thanks   :3

well the second one was made super fast 

thanks dude

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yes dude, but we have to restructure the code, it is quite unreadable.

you are welcomee

the managing part was made with the power of friendship. Trust me.

Yep, it was a nice experience, thanks

thanks for feedback

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dude we will make an update to skip that part with the intro and a restart thingy and quit thingy thanks for feedback

I said dude we need a lot of staff, he said we have 3 days and you have slept one.

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Okey dude thanks for feedback. Maybe we will turn it into a fully playable thing.

Fun game, with a nice mechanic, but i think it was a bit too easy, after you get the hang of the core mechanic.

thanks for reply, after that one the game is very frustrating.