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Your welcome:)

You just made my week:)  Thank you!

Me too!  That's why I used it:)

Thanks.  I'm glad you enjoyed.  This was filmed in Opensim, not secondlife, but the skeleton is the same.  Yeah, the stand anim was basic.

For personal use only, you can download the mp3 here:

Thank you!

Thank you!  Humor is medicine:)

After all of the testing before I released the game, its stuck in my head too,  I will talk to the composer and let you know.  Glad you liked it.  Thanks!

Good luck to you too!  Hopefully, someone with more experience with jams and itch will be able to also confirm for you.

I'm new to this too.  But, I do see it on the entries tab.  However, I'm new too, so hopefully others can confirm.

Thank you so much:)