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I liked it. I wish the camera had been zoomed out just a bit, as it felt a little claustrophobic, but it was fun nonetheless. Great work!

This game is adorable. I love the art!

Would it even be a GMTK jam without a shoot to move mechanic? All joking aside, this was absolutely fantastic. The movement was super satisfying, and the addition of the pressure gauge to both keep you from relying on one member too much and serving as a constant reminder of which button controlled which guy was a fantastic addition. Well done!

I like this concept! One thing I would recommend, make it so only the "good guy" can push. It's a little too easy if all I have to do is have my enemy run face first into knives all by himself. I don't even have to turn much! (Not to mention, why would my worst enemy voluntarily impale himself?)

Of the games I've played with this mechanic, this has some of the best ideas from a puzzle standpoint. I love the torches being static places to switch characters, and how the 2 characters can both help and harm the other. The only thing that brings this down for me is that the characters move like hamsters who are running late after chugging a gallon of espresso. Slow them down! It makes the game so much harder to play

Have you ever played an indie game called "Thomas was Alone"? This game reminds me quite a bit of that. I love your artwork! It's really nice looking! I wish the controls were a bit tighter. There were several bits where I knew what to do, but any time I tried to do it I would end up flying off a ledge accidentally and have to rearrange all the blocks to try again. 

Have more confidence in your work! So much of the tutorial felt like an apology, and I hadn't even decided what I thought of the game yet! Don't poison your player's opinion before they've seen it. Even if you think it sucks, present it with confidence!

Very cute art!

The whole game stopped after the third person showed up, but it was a cute idea! Good work!

It kind of reminds me of baba is you but without the word manipulation

I think the movement may be bugged. It stops moving after a moment even if I'm still holding the button, and freezes any time I attempt to shoot. Keep making games! You'll keep improving as time goes on!

This one was fun! A well thought out puzzle mechanic that could be easily polished into an excellent game!

The art is cute. The chain doesn't really add much to the game though. Whenever you have a mechanic, ask yourself, what would happen if this wasn't in the game? In this case, the answer is: not much. By extension, it either needs to be improved or replaced

Keep up the good work! One thing to remember for next time, if you have bugs in your movement, that's ok, but don't build them into the level design. One of the levels pretty much required you to jump by touching a platform with your face, which is confusing to the player. I can't wait to see what you make next!

Golf 2.

I see definite potential here for sure. I reached a part where there weren't any enemies spawning anymore, so I gave up at that point. Not sure what happened exactly

The game is interesting for sure, but I kept hitting the table from the underside of the platform by mistake and ending the level early

The controls are a bit finnicky, but this is a super cool idea and really nice looking execution! Good job!

Great game! There are a few spots that could have used a bit of tweaking (the lava pit in the first section should be slightly smaller, so you don't have to be right up on the edge to pass it), but overall it was fun!

I've played a few games with this mechanic, but this is definitely the most polished/well put together of the ones I've seen. I already thought it was well done, then you added portals too! Really fun playing it. Loved the squash and stretch on the sprites. Good job!

Cute idea, though I find it a bit hard to focus on both games at once. It certainly creates a feeling of chaos, but more so it ends up feeling like playing one game while losing another than playing both at the same time. It's a fun experiment though and well put together. Good job!

Fun! I enjoyed it a lot. Good job!

This was a lot of fun! The movement felt great!

I like this mashup! Could use a bit of tuning, but as game jam games go, this is great!

10/10, would commit BOSHA violations again

I like this concept! I wish gliding didn't kill your momentum quite so much. Made me avoid using it whenever possible because it just wasn't fun to play with. But still, never met a grappling hook game I didn't like!

This was a really fun concept! The controls feel a bit stiff, but I'm sure that could be adjusted if given more time than 48 hours. Nice idea!

The camera made me motion sick. Regarding the level design, I must ask: what gets added by splitting the gameplay across 2 characters? During the level I played, I didn't really see anything where if the wall in the center wasn't there, I couldn't have done with only one character. Any time a mechanic is added to a game, ask yourself what it really changes. If the answer is nothing, then it's what I would call "fluff"

(There is a chance I didn't get far enough in your game to see the interesting aspects of the mechanic. If that is the case, I apologize, but the camera has given me a headache and I'm going to go lie down now)

I believe there is a problem with your build. Any attempts to play the game are met with "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found". A shame, I wanted to try it

A key part of game jams is accessibility. Always try to make sure it doesn't take a bunch of work to play your game. I would love to try it, but I don't have the tools

It's definitely possible with practice! For me an average round goes to about wave 5 or so. Glad you liked it!

Kinda hard to control, but a neat concept!

There actually is a way to regain health! Killing the red slimes can sometimes drop health pickups! Glad you liked it!

They physics are so loose it doesn't really feel that fun to play. The movement of the monkeys feels almost like playing with half-full helium balloons

I have no idea what the controls are, so it's hard to know if I'm playing correctly

Cute idea. One thing I will say, as someone who never completed skyrim, I had to guess with that one. 

In all honestly, it just feels like a less fun to control twin stick shooter. Always make sure the game is fun, not just that it fits the theme

Bit cliche in concept. The gameplay was effectively just matching.

This was hilarious. What tool did you use to create the music?

Have more confidence in your work! Instead of telling me how scuffed it is, tell me the controls and let me see for myself! I correctly guessed parts of the controls but I have a feeling I'm missing something.

 Good job switching tools! You'll find Unity is far more powerful than anything scratch can produce! (Also, look into Godot before you fully commit to learning Unity. Personally, I like it better)

This is really neat! One thing I will say is that while it is disincentivized by the scoring, there's not really anything stopping you from flying the whole time and skipping the level. Would be interesting if there were obstacles where the two had to be separate to progress