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Crestfallen Remediless Schizophrene

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or it could be a 3D model of the map because now computers have software that can open 3D models. Or both 2D and 3D can be offered as separate options.

Export > 2D Map or 3D Map


This game looks so good. :D

Tavuk ve Karabaş :D

Nice graphics for kids. Good game. : )

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Cool tool. I need png save. And more setting option. Thanks. : )

Keep Improwing bro. This app looks good.

A good sandbox game. : )

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Sparrela (Number 9) [Most]
Hexecta (Number Twenty)
Droreman (Number Seventy Seven)
Hexican (Number One Hundred One)
Var'gonneth (Number Two Hundred Thirty-Seven)
Hummelope (Four Hundred Seventy One)
Tesakshaex (Eight Hundred Fifty)
(Nine Hundred Ninety-Five)
Peebu (Numbara One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty-Nine)
Buyasukh (Numbara One Thousand Six Hundred Seven)
The Hungry Existence Absorber (Number 1956) [Most]
Mulabura (Number Nineteen Ninety-Six)
Chuanile (Number Two-Thousand)

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Wow, its so good. So many card game potential. Wonderful. I would love to see the card game version. These artificial intelligences are so brilliant.

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You're welcome. : )

Mangata community · Created a new topic Fan Suggestions

More Characters - Male/Female - Different Race, Class, Equipment...
Character appearance customization
Story Modes - Story Adventures, Tales..
More maps, worlds, realms...
More enemy...

This game need a multiplayer mode. Like a multiplayer io game style.

I'm addicted. Nice game.

Bakalım nasılmış, güzel gözüküyor.

Its looks good. I'm sure it will be even better in the future.

its looks good. :)

Its look good.

It's looks good. I play.

Nice. :)

He probably meant variations of the game.
Farm Tycoon, Car Tycoon, House Tycoon, Space Tycoon, Spaceship Tycoon etc...

This game good.

Suggestion: Interface
Various examples interface's:
The Airline Project
Shadow Goverment Simulator
Strategic Depth
Project Earth
El Mandamas
Hardware Tycoon

Güzel görünüyor. Looks good.

This game so good and epic.

I am Hexcorp. Hi stan.
Good game.

Rica ederim.

I think the graphics pack should not be the same as minecraft.
You can download the texture pack from here.

Example One Example Two Example Three Example Four
Example Five Example Six Example Seven Example Eight

When I learn programming, I would like to join the development team of this game.

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The game looks good.

It reminded me of Andrey Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979).

Like a Traffic Rider app.
Good game. Thanks for free points.

I want More Cards, More Environment, More Chracter.  I want Aventia Multiplayer.
I want Four mod: Story mod, Multiplayer mod, Challange mod and Sandbox mod.

Story mod: Season by season a story is handled. The story is determined by preferences.
Character preferences first, while playing progresses according to the options.

Multiplayer mod: Multiplayer card battles with league system.
Silver league, Gold league, Diamond league, Emerald league. 
Clans can be created, there can be a friend system. 

 Challange mod: Single player mission mode without any story. 
Each next level is more difficult. Hundreds of levels. 
Challenging bots and decks.

Sandbox mod: Characters, cards, bots, environments that you set up yourself. And more settings.

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NASA wants it. It makes their job easier. :D 

Were you created to annoy me?

I stated that I was not malicious. Your comment is too long and I don't want to read any more of your annoying comments. 
"Karen, Karen!" you say twice. You are either low in intelligence or under age.

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I think of your game as a work of art. The way it's done with codes.

And doing the work of art with stress does not bring good results. It's like dancing in a stressful way.

That's why I think you should practice your art when you're comfortable, when you don't feel pressured. For a more beautiful work of art to emerge.

I like the improvements that give the player more options. Thanks for making such improvements.

me too.

I did not want high graphics and graphics of other games that would not suit this game. I said the graphics of this game should be improved.

The graphics can be developed to be both beautiful and the game can also run on small performance computers. It's not a very good computer on my computer. Below average.

There are a lot of games that require low performance and have good graphics. The beauty of the graphics is not only about the quality, but also about the atmosphere it creates. I think the game graphics should be rethought and improved.

And I don't think there's anything wrong with declaring it. By pretending I'm attacking the game, you're not a good supporter of the game, you're being a jerk. Don't be jerk.

Good developments. I wish conveniences.