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at least i think

;-; not possible buddy that will take like 5 months

WT-? is thicc doing in chat?

An epic Duck platformer all about finding a key and escaping.

DuckHunt2 by turgut20 (

me to


my bro

Are you arabi I am

Amazing Screenshots And Art👌

Yo Whats up? I how are you?

MohammedOmar1234 scratch account

Oh sorry Same thing happend with me i lost my account kukju i left all my games there so you can go have a look

you are the 1st winner congrats

Please tell me

The Best 10000000000/10

sorry i dont use a game editor i just use

can you work with me?

No sorry i dont and i cant create oe

Thats a good idea thak you

game off 3 community · Created a new topic Main Topic

Ruls: No Bad Language

Hi How are you i wanted to asked have any game ideas?

Update it i am with you


Download Living In The Dark Alpha Demo 1

From scratch 

Game Version: V1.0

About: Living In The Dark Alpha Demo 1 is a Zombie game And that Zombies took light So you have to bring light back but because it is not finished its just a game with infinite zombies thanks for your time 

Support: if you want to know what games i have released here is my scratch account MohammedOmar1234 thanks 

Get Home is a platformer  game   link Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Game off 3

game-off-3 is a worker cool jam

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here it is make-friends-demo is a cool game  

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my preview game full game today link for demofps demo

Controls: w:move forward s:move backwards a:move left d:move right r:reload e:pick up space:jump

Follow me to stay tuned when I finish the full game!

this is a demo of the game

new fps game community · Created a new topic speach


Wish you good luck

lol 😆😆😆😆😆

the talk of my game bord

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no its not

it just spawn players in ofline

do you want proof

here watch his video

me too

they will listen to you be cause they are 4