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I encountered an error during the first dialog and could not continue the game :-(

I'm having a problem with this game, it seems that the buttons at the top of the screen are cut off on my monitor

Nice demo :D I'm not a big fan of RPG's in general, but I still appreciate the nice art and characters. I like the whole yes/no thing and how it integrates with the design of the player character. For a later version, I would suggest dialog portraits and a more fleshed-out environment.

Interesting little demo, I particularly like the room with the skull floors and the sort of pipe-looking room. The gameplay is pretty tedious and repetitive, but of course it is just a prototype :P

Though this game be too difficult for one of my skill level, I was nonetheless pleased by the versatile movement options, interesting world, and really scary enemies

A stimulating experience exploring the virtue of meticulousness and the paradoxical nature of increasingly common near-infinite game worlds.

Oh yes, and the soundtrack provides a very interesting atmosphere

Now this is morbid! What is the role of this character in "Rick and Morty"?

Strange, mysterious...however, I am sad that I cannot use the computer!