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¡Muchas gracias! Creo que también es más divertido jugarlo de esa manera 🤗

thank you! ;)

Simple but nice game,  some more improvement in feeling and visual effects then it would be perfect 🤙

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Wow, the game-feel is surprisingly good! And gameplay is quite addictive for me. If there is anything that needs improvement, I think that's the graphics. It should be fine like this but I think smaller sprites might also work and the most important, a better, more catchy color palette will help it looks more fun and easier to identify objects. Very good job btw! 👍

Simple game but fun to play :D However, the jump and push could ve been be better I guess 👍

I use godot 2 and this is a problem with godot itself. The only way to change icon is to export the game first, then use Resources hacker to open it and replace default icons with yours. Hope this helps!

Wow, I really appreciate you taking the time to play and make that nice video :D Tbh, this game is still flawed and somewhat confusing due to the lack of tutorial for new players. Glad you enjoyed it, reviews like yours is the motivation for me to create more in the future :)