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Wonderful! Thanks for letting me know.

Regarding a cheat sheet, I agree that it would be a great thing to have available.  One concern that I have is that it might violate the PARAGON System usage guidelines.  Any cheat sheet would necessarily reproduce a lot of material from the AGON rulebook, and doing so is explicitly prohibited.

Still, it's such a good idea that I'll reach out to John Harper/Sean Nittner/Evil Hat Games and get an official ruling from them. If they give me the go-ahead, I'll happily make a cheat sheet for ENDEAVOUR straight away.

Hi all,

I just released Endeavour, a playset for the PARAGON system that is derived from the AGON roleplaying game. It is an optimistic - science fiction tabletop roleplaying game that takes inspiration from classic science fiction exemplified by classic Star Trek, seaQuest DSV, Quantum Leap, etc. In Endeavour, the players play as officers aboard the Interstellar Confederation Ship Endeavour. Their mission is investigate strange phenomena, discover alien civilizations, and help those in need.

I'd be delighted if you took a look and let me know what you think. Better yet, find a copy of AGON, get a group together and give it a go! The game is free (for now) and, while it started as a bit of a lark, I ended up sinking quite a bit of time into the project and I think it turned out really well. You will need a copy of AGON to play Endeavour. Fortunately, however, AGON is one of the best tabletop roleplaying games out there, so you won't regret picking up a copy if you don't have one already.

Hi all,

I just published a tabletop game called Head Trip inspired by media like Inside Out, Herman's Head, and (for any of my fellow '80s EPCOT kids) Cranium Command. It's free, the rules are simple,  and it can be played in about 30 minutes. All you need is two standard decks of playing cards, a few friends, and a table on which to play. I've had a lot of fun playing it with friends and family throughout the development process and I think that other people might too. Check it out!