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It has a planned release for October 31st! Please come back after you trick or treat to finish the full game!!!

We do have a sequel planned (its very rough) but there are still some other games planned we want to do first! However I suggest playing them as sometimes they are mentioned!!! And thank you for playing, I hope you are doing safe out there too!

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Short hyper girl and big shy girl is my favorite dynamic and thank you for playing too!!

Hi! I'm sorry to be honest I'm not sure what to do, this is the first time this issue has occurred... It sounds like you did everything you could and to be honest the only other thing I can think of is contacting Google Play support as I'm not too familiar with the Android version of the game. ; v ; But the game is a kinetic game, which means their is no actual game choices, so you could probably hopefully enjoy the game by watching a playthrough of it! There's several on youtube you can watch by typing in the title of the game and they're all really great! I'm really sorry, I do wish there is more I could do for you to help you, but I can still try and contact the publisher who converted my game into Android and see what they say. I'm so sorry this happened though!

Ohh Lilyrevo? What's that? Either way, thank you for playing!!!

And thank you for taking the time to play it!!!


Haha blame Liam and his filthy mouth, though I actually asked my Spanish speaking friend about curse words in Spanish and what she usually says, and believe me man, Mierda was not the worse one. Thank you for playing though!

Liam can deal with it, he should know cute zombie girls trump living cute boys

And thank you so much!!! ; v ;

Thank you so much for playing it! I love the name too! Also I did think about adding more choices even if they don't affect the plot too much but I heard some people dislike that too, but hearing you might like more of that, I'll go back to that idea! Thank you again for playing!

Thank you so much for playing it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

Hello! The full game will be free, with an optional $5 Art Book and I’m hoping to have it released by Halloween but since this is more of a hobby, let’s hope IRL responsibilities don’t change that ; v ;

Thank you so much for playing!!! Haha I admit you were only supposed to romance Zombie Girl in the game originally, but I fell in love with Liam so I added his own route sort of last minute which is why Zombie Girl's route might be a little more well-developed... However, I will say that the further you go into each route, you'll get to see the charms of both characters and their relationship with Sam!!! Thank you so much for your compliments and I'll keep working hard!

Well if you like anxious tall girls and chaotic short girls together then you'll definitely enjoy my next game hopefully!!!

And thank you for playing!!!

Thank you so much!!! I hope you enjoy more of my works!


Please don't cry!!! But thank you!!! : D

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thank you so much!!! I ship Beatrix and Lily too, they my OTP, other than Edward x Trash

thank you very much!!! 

Hi! So I did a full scan on my computer and also got a old file of the game as for some reason, we couldn't delete the virus from the game as it would only appear when it was booted. Could you please just double check for me if it's okay?

Oh my god, thank you for telling me this. I'm actually currently gonna ask a dev right now to help me fix this since this sounds serious. For now, I'm also gonna take the game off as well. Should I make a post for people to delete the game too off their computers? 

thank you so much for your kind review!!! 

Hi there! So if you’ll see under the download links and also under “Also Available on,” there’s a link to the game on Google Play where you can play it on the android I believe. You might have to create a account, but otherwise you can play my game and many other wonderful games by the people who helped published this game, Project Enso!

Hi! Could you show me please what is in the file? Also maybe check your recycle bin just to be safe? 

Thank you! And I get what you mean, as someone who gets severe anxiety from the thought of viruses... But unfortunately we tried everything to fix it. I was actually thinking of putting the old version I had of the game which doesn’t have this issue, but also is not translated or has the updated GUI, as that one didn’t have this issue before. I’m not sure if I will make this as a series, I do love Lily and Beatrix, and would love to write more games about them, but at this moment I have no clue about what stories to tell about them next. However! I’m sure they’ll make other appearances, maybe not as main characters, but as cute and gay as ever! So please look forward to more work from me (and hopefully the next game won’t have this issue too...)

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So this is a problem the game has been going through for a while ever since it was coded so it can be on google play. The game is safe though. I’m not sure why some people’s virus protection is reacting like this to the game, but this is basically a situation where the game is showing up as a false positive in some people’s virus defenders. I can’t really explain why it’s showing as a false positive other than maybe that it doesn’t have a digital certificate, but I and the person who helped me program this have tried to work around it as getting it signed is extremely difficult. I really wish there’s more I could do for you as I know viruses can be scary and this showing up probably causes a lot of anxiety, but the game is safe and if you want to be extra safe, you can try using this website right here that one of the programmers that helped me gave me that might help break down the game a bit and see what’s actually inside?

Thank you for playing it!!

Hi I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply! Do you still need help? 

so usually this is something you have to do with your computer, I know that sometimes when I play a game it won’t let me play because it doesn’t see it as a trusted source.Can you show me what issues you’re having please? Like what’s showing up?

ive never read those books but I take this as a compliment! 

I see! I think this is something you have to work for your security like change the program so it’s seen as a trusted file... it differs for each computer, but I’m sure if you look it up you can find how to do it! But I’ll also tell the person who helped me code this game as well! Hope this helps! 

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I tried re-uploading! Please tell me if it works!

Weird... I'm gonna check on this and try and re-upload the files. Might mean no download links for a bit because Itch is having DL issues I think

Thank you!!! I'll do my best to make my next work just as adorable!

Hm, I'm not sure why it's doing that. I just checked and it seems like ti will let me download fine. Is it like a error? Or is it just not allowing you to click the download link?

Haha, I joke too about how Lily is a self insert! And I totally agree! I wish there were more mangas that explored more about the villainess other than (she was bad)!

Thank you!!!