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Lol hm...yeah, the one for Lewis is really fun to read. But if I had to choose, I'd want to try a different character's path, but that's because I was really curious about tattooed guy from the start.  >////>

Because anyone can make a twine game.

It won't work....there's no download :(

If only there were more stories out there with description and structure like this. But instead, as a feminine pervert, I can hardly find any good stories at all. Any I happen to finally stumble upon are usually too vulgar of descriptions with terrible plots and/or have atrocious grammar. So yes, thank you so much for this. 

Of course! I hope to see more of this, It's really amazing so far. 


All that money your family pays so you can go to school, and yet you still choose to shit all over grammar. At least this author made good use of their classes. What novels have you written? Or did you write any at all?

Plain and simple, just say you didn't like it instead of acting like a spoiled brat.

I'm going insane trying to find that key...

Damn. (o///o) nicely done! 

(O////O)  oh my..... 8/10 for now only because it's not finished. So far its awesome though.

ಠ_ಠ  the hell is this nonsense.....

......what the hell did I just read?

Okay, I think people have lost the true purpose behind video games these days.....They are supposed to be entertaining and a fun escape from reality. 

This was REALLY amazing, but I swear I was starting to lose my mind on my 30th retry. Thank you so much for making this, I couldn't put it down.

Oh my. (O///o) I'm surprised no one commented on this yet, this was some pretty hawt dialog lol. I'll bookmark this as one of my favs, I just really hope to see more. Thank you for making this!

I haven't lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's but a lot of the other parts in this story were so alike to how not grandparents were. My grandfather passed away from a tumor, then I lost my grandmother a few months after and I still don't know what caused it. I just remember talking on the phone with her that same day, instead of saying "I'll talk to you later sweetie, love you too. Buh-bye." Like always, she said "I love you too sweetie, be safe. Goodbye." It's been almost ten years and I still miss them both so much. So there were parts in this that made me cry, but none the less it was an awesome story. Thank you.

That hit pretty close to home for are a genius. Thank you for making this game.

Any plans to make this available on android? I currently don't have my computer and won't have it for a while Q.Q

"What's up with hungry cats" 

Everyone is hungry, yet my fortune focuses specifically on the cat. 

ಠ_ಠ MY GOD these cliffhangers......

......not sure how to feel about this, can I get a hint as to what the goal is?

I absolutely love this story, you did an amazing job with it! Q.Q I am currently broke, but you can count on my support once I have the finances to do so, I promise. You've certainly earned it. Thank you for making such an awesome and immersive story! ✨

I finally got it right! It took way more tries than it should have, but I finally figured it out! Lol, anyways, fun game.

Okay you GOTTA chill out on writing good stuff, I have an appointment in need to get ready for and I am having a hard time breaking away from it. This isn't fair. I'm gonna be late. Q.Q 

You're awesome, thank you for your hard work on this. I love it.

Actually nevermind. My husband figured out how to fix it. I'll just have to put the save files aside when reinstalling, then replace them back into the folder so I don't lose any data. Thanks argent games.

I upgraded to a new phone recently and installed the version of the game that's meant for newer devices. (My old device was an LG G7). The device I have now is an LG V60 dual screen. I managed to play the routes for Markus and Heath completely through, but when I tried to start Randal's route, it requested that I buy the full game again even though I've already bought it. 

However, at least this time I can make it through two routes before this happens. When I had this game on my LG G7, it had this problem right after finishing the first route. 

I really hope there's a way to fix this.  I doubt I'll be able to unlock all of the chapters since this keeps happening. Q.Q 

Thank you for any help or advice.

Me after several replays and probing  through Markus's storyline:

This game was worth the $20 bucks for sure, I loved every second of it. A shame there wont be a sequel. Still, Thank you lots and nice work!

Sorry for the delayed response, had a lot going on here at home recently.

No but after completing a route I can't start another without completely reinstalling the game which erases all my previous data.

Okay after paying $20 (which is a lot considering the economy right now), I tried to get help about my game resetting back to the unpaid version. The only way to fix this is by reinstalling the app with the version i paid for, but then a day or two later i end up having to repeat the same process when it happens all over  again. I have it installed on my LG G7 and yes it's the correct version.  

This is a little frustrating since I cannot unlock any extra content at all without having other routes completed first. Unfortunately, I'm stuck renewing the game without any of my prior saved data after each route is completed. 

However it's been a while now and I still haven't heard anything back about this. I tried emailing you guys, but still no response. Not even an update reassuring me that the issue hasn't been just brushed off or that it's being worked on. This is the first game I've ever tried from this developer. I don't want to lose my trust with you guys, but right now you're not giving me any reason not to. I wouldn't normally complain but come on....twenty bucks doesn't just rain from the sky, as much as that would be nice. I've noticed that a lot of posts are not getting answered. Again, I want to trust you guys and I'm sure others do too. That's why I'm hoping everyone is not just being ignored because they've already  paid, but instead that there's a logical reason why we're not getting responses. So please respond soon, even if the issue is not resolved. If nothing else, some honest reassurance would even be appreciated.

oh and the Android version is 8.0.0. Hope yo hear back soon......

??????? there any way I can fix this?

also, thank you lots for getting back to me. I'm  really hoping to figure this out.

I am using an LG G7 Android device, I haven't tried it on my Windows pc yet. 

The game works fine up until I get halfway through, then the link on the menu where "exit" is supposed to be changes back to  the demo links. I already paid for it and when it does this I'm forced to reinstall the game after completing one of the routes. 

***This will only work for those who have an LG G7 or an older device  like it with the option to adjust the game graphics 

After changing the game graphics to a lower FPS and resolution, ( I set mine on normal for both) it seems to work much better now.  From then on, I haven't had a crashing issue to where it deleted my game data and its not freezing up my device anymore. If I have any further issues come up, I will be back to update. I really hope this helps with anyone having similar issues. 

I had this same exact issue. Eventually I figured it out. Instead of installing it as an update, I had to uninstall the version I downloaded from the play store before installing the uncensored version.