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Thomas Sjerps

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That's weird. I don't remember seeing that.

Nice! Thanks for playing :D

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Thanks! I saw your video, and I saw that you didn't notice the boss planets (check the screenshots on the game page), which is a shame. I regret not making a little Breath of the Wild-like cutscene where you could see them. As for the glitch at the end, I haven't got a clue what was happening there. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! Someone noticing all the little details in the game makes me happy.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm thinking of fleshing out some stuff in the future. Great stuff!

Haha, I'm glad you liked it! With past gamejams I always blamed myself for playtesting too much, so for this game I tried to focus on gameplay and not worry about balancing.

I had another game jam this weekend, so I spent 12 hours on Friday to put a little game together just for fun. Thanks!