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The game has many flaws. What you sould have done is have the game complete before publishing. I realise you know it is imperfect but what I  am saying is a suggestion.

Here is my "full" review.

The game is great giving out a very "Papers Please" vibe. It is really well made and fun (sometimes). It is annoying that you don't get any explenation of what is going on. Also on my second and third playthrough my ratings continued on from last time and because of that my shelter reached -25. Overall the game has potential.

It's a real nice game simple and fun for the reason it was created. It sometimes glitches but all and all a great game even if by only pressing "x" you can exceed the average human life span.

Yeah played your game it's a real nice game for a free one but you should give an indication that you can break blocks I didn't realise up until the 15 chapter!