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This game is stupid and I love it for that. Downloaded and keeping it forever so someone finds it someday and is all like "wtf?!" I'm also going to whip it out at parties (the game [maybe not just]). Good job!

I love the title screen music.

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Anyone want to link up? Here's a link to my most recent works: https://livinthedream1.bandcamp.com/album/xenolith-silent-open

Well I meant SFX as in sound effects but sex with beautiful women is also something I do. Haha

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My name is Tim and I am working to be a professional composer. Does anyone need music or sound effects for their game? If so, please let me know. Here are links to my work. Thank you!



Hey Greg. I do music and sex and wish to make a brutal brawler retro cart for the NEO GEO AES. I think fighting games are cool and maybe linking up with someone else who appreciates them might bring me closer toward my goal. What do you say, would you mind taking a look at my portfolio?



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Hi. When it's over, where do you submit?





Shadowgate is one of my favorite games ever. This is great. Thank you for making it.

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Hello, is anyone in need of some music and sound effects? You can check out my work in the games on the top line of this page. https://kyatt.itch.io

Anything more, you can check out these sites:



Thank you for your time and I hope to try and create something with you.

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Does anyone need audio?

Replied to Mad Rubicant in Game Ideas

Absolutely! At work now, will message you asap.

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Hey thanks for asking. Right now we're going the direction of some hot chicks in a Sunset Riders / Contra style run 'n' gun. Without having a coder there we are hugely limited in what is actually possible to do.

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Hi, Trikki thanks for the reply. The artist and I are using programs that cater to music and art needs, like Photoshop and a DAW like Logic. As far as game building suites like Unity, we are completely unfamiliar with those programs since it isn't our area of expertise. .

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Is there a coder out there that needs a music and art person? Have one of each here looking for a coder.

1ddqd.bandcamp.com - video game tribute

livinthedream1.bandcamp.com originals

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Does anyone need a composer? Here's a link to my last jam effort. https://kyatt.itch.io/reap-what-you-sow.