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Tsar Klauser

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High on Cocaine and Energy Drinks while on Overtime Simulator : The Game.

No wonder the company is giving crap end wages.

Yep! I discovered it after getting insulted and got really surprised by the secret.

This is why i love the game to bits, the attention to details :D

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Wow thanks for the detailed reply :)

After i replayed it the upper door in the inn wasn't locked in the first place, my bad.

Now i know how you want to direct this game, it's just my two cents how to polish the game to be more of my acquired taste.

I meant i can donate through steam inventory items (the popular online game distributor) haha

And also is it possible to get another ending? Since you can send your opponent to the shadow realm?

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For a first attempt at game making, it's a pretty solid game with fresh ideas and beautifully executed.

Kudos to black_and_noir for making this game, hopefully you'll make another game that compliments the game. I would donate some shekels to the author. Unfortunately, i don't have paypal and i don't really trust cc payment from this platform. Is steam items okay? :)

Now for my review.


- I really liked the gameplay, i really do. Sure the learning curve is a bit steep, but it's welcomed and fair to me. And i really love how the game rewards you greatly for exploration in items or story + lore which is not too cryptic compared to the other games.

- The fog of war system is pretty much responsible for making this survival game into survival horror. I really like the show and tell tutorial how the fog of war works, and how enemies wouldn't show up if you don't have any vision on them.

- NPCs is amazing at this game, it's very detailed and your actions does have consequences when you do something. The NPCs pretty much makes the game much much more easier if you do what they tell you. or dont.

- The story is pretty simple and sweet. Multiple endings but they aren't cryptic to get, i pretty much know the whole story of the game in 1 and a half hour. But i wish there's a best endings for all three if you know what i mean :)


There aren't many of cons for this game, so this is pretty much my nitpicking

- There are a few bugs on the game that i encounter.

Enemies pathfinding is kinda laughable since they tend to get stuck on walls when you're on evasive maneuver especially the walking beginner's trap.

You can dodge the tentacle to brazil? (Either bugged or intentional)

- The artstyle is pretty confusing at first, i thought the game takes place at night? But the NPCs said it's noon or morning? And it's going to be dark?

So the black ground is pretty confusing for me. I would change the ground into light brown and then transitioning into brown and then dark brown.

Houses and buildings should've been drawn for more aesthetics, and then change the "?" symbols with more fog of war or just darkness.

- The combat is pretty much TLOZ-like but with guns, i don't really like the delay on the reload. It should be either refined (like adding reload animation) or remove the delay. And i don't like the touching = you get hurt mechanism, for me it's kinda lazy and pretty much makes the combat pretty shallow. I would add attack animation so getting hit is fair and 100% your fault.

Well that's it for my review.

Pretty solid game and most of all, enjoyable.

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This is pretty much a solid sequel from 10-103,  but there is some pros and cons from this game from my perspective.


What i love to bits is the attention to detail and the neat secrets, i missed some on the first playthrough, and one of em is pretty funny if you found it. Please add more interactables and secrets if you're continuing the series :)

The combat is solid just like the first game. If there was another 10-103 game, i would suggest more weapons in variety with pros and cons and more challenging combat situation that requires you to use wits and preemptive strikes/advantages.
And also make bullets scarce for more survival horror feeling or don't.

The story and lore is pretty SCPesque and kinda deep for this kind of game, and the second one pretty much expands the lore. Keep it up.

Cons (This is pretty much nitpicking and how would i make it more enjoyable for myself)

My biggest complaint is the movement. No, not the running. Rolling.

It's broken and i don't like it, the invulnerability makes you pretty much speedruns the game and makes the objective laughably easy. Didn't even died once after i found out how broken it was. I would make rolling/evading have a recovery time or enemies would straight up punish you for excessive rolling.

Second issue is how Morpho and Specter-8 interacts, there should be either punishing the player for not reporting the current situation or straight up giving advantages for the player. And also add more interactions or lore with Morpho pls :)

My final complaint is too linear. While sure the game is linear in the first place, but with different ways to complete the objectives and possibly endings the game would be an absolute polished gem.

I got two takes, one is if the player is messy or not doing the procedures there would be consequences or a bad ending. And you are rewarded for strategizing how to enter a facility well equipped and informed for the situation.

OR straight up make Specter 8 went FUBAR and joined the Legion.

That is all for me, i would love a trilogy nerdspartan :)