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This was made with  OpenMPT in GB Studio / GBT Player.
But I've used a lot of other trackers before.

That's true. Over 30 games made it to my Flashcart, because I liked them so much I wanted to try them on real hardware and take a closer look.

Such a cool  game! One of the best gbcompo games for sure!

I just played it on real hardware, and it looks even better to me now. After testing a lot of the gbcompo games this became one of my personal top 10! :)

Absolutely. Played it for a while and it became one of my favorite gbcompo games!  :)

After testing a lot of the gbcompo games, this became one of my favorites. Played it on real hardware today. I also liked your black castle game a lot. Even built a cartridge for myself! :)

It became one of my favorite gbcompo games. Just finished (end 1/6, 40 deaths) on real hardware today! :)

Very nice game. Just played it on real hardware for a while, after  testing it on emulator. :)

This became one of my top ten gbcompo games. Just played this on real hardware.

Nice graphics and good jumping mechanics. I agree with the others that the signs can get a bit in the way. Push a botton to read, like Max suggested would be a really good idea! :)

Whoooho! Nice concept, works very well. And thumbs up for using Stéphane Hockenhull's Game Boy Tracker! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Yeah. This is really fun to play! :)

Uhw! Really cool idea having to control two  things at once! :)

Nice game! And cool game over music! :)

Wow. This runs really smooth! Good job! :)

Really cool! :)
I love the style.

So cool, you made it happen! :)

Never felt that good to be an alien! :)
Great game!

It's time to use the ClockBoy!  :)

Ohw! Good work!

What a  very special game! :o
Tried it on emulator for  a short time. Will play in on real hardware tomorrow! :)

What a great game! And I love the minimalistic artstyle!

Wow! Great game. The Grappling hook works very well! :)

Yeah,  I traded some sleep for this entry! :D

Thank you! Glad you like it. :)

I use GB Studio this time. *Sorry for the late reply!

I'm going to take part  with a music  rom release. Looking forward to see your stuff! *In any section.

Nice game. Just tried it in BGB! :)

Sadly I can't vote for this, cause I didn't submit an own entry...

Really nice game, for the short time period. :)
I also like the startup screen a lot!

@ chebastian: Yes they are! Thanks a lot! :)

@ Refresh Games:

Sounds fine. I already found two different methods to implement music.
But if you do that simple music maker, I'd really love to take a look at that. :)

Nice project!
For the next Jam I'll def come with GBDK compatible sound (-> collabo) if you want to.
Found all information needed but I have to try out some things a bit. 'Cause I want to have a nice result at the end.

I can't see the pictures, sadly. But thumbs up for making a GB ROM! :)

(1 edit)

Thanks everybody for your interest!

@ Refresh Games: Found the information i was looking for, but I didn't get it to run now. Seems to be a bit different on various GBDK versions.
I'll learn how to make music for GBDK (and maybe directly in C) until the next gb jam. For sure! :)
Would be fun to make some C stuff. I always like to learn something new.

@ Carnivus: That's not really what I am looking for.
If I'd like the game a lot I'd do, but I think might get a bit hard until the deadline. Cause I have to work the next two days. Sorry.
If you just need some sfx, maybe I could do that on sunday.

@ Indiana-Jonas: That's not what I am looking for as well. Kind of - like what I said above. But I think there are tons of people that can do "wav/aiff/flac/mp3" chiptunes you could grab from.

Thank you!

[@ Refresh Games: Did not figure out yet how to implement with GBDK so far, but I'll continue trying today!]

Thanks! :)

Maybe I can figure out how to implement this asm music data in gbdk.
I know that it can be done. I'll take a look at this later.

If you'll ever need music or sfx for your gb-ROM, I maybe could help out.

I do music with gb tracker (and others) which is able to put out z80 assembly data.

Here are some examples, if you want to hear.

My latest release came as a gameboy cartridge, the free ROM version could be found here. (Could also be found on gamejolt)

My musical collection on bandcamp.
As download or as a stream.