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I can't believe. Amogus is everywhere. Even in Hungary. Even in Székesfehérvár. Even in Cinema City. You can't escape Amogus. Accept the truth. So sussy baka.

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BeamNG is kinda sus (talking to Suspostor)

check the latest post I killed sam animations in his own stream

The longest Among Us stream made by sam animations!

Got impostor 3 times, got killed by sam animations again, timeouted again, voted out, but it was pog!

And note, I took revenge on sam animations because he killed me last Thursday (in most disrespectful stream), and today.

So 😎!

It's not a rickroll. Just happened in Soapy's stream.

4 days till official release!

Credits to Areesh256

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/e yeah

BeamNG is kinda sus

It's beautiful!!

Do you like my pfp?

/e stop

When Chips Ahoy ad is sus!

Gah! So disrespectful!

I always get timeouted, then voted, killed, kicked and even fricking banned!!

This is why I hate being on Among Us streams, because players around the world are so mean!

me too

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Short stream, but so pog!

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So unfair and disrespectful!

I wanted also to be sussy baka. Except that, players voted me out for no reason and sam animations killed me as an impostor, Fortunately, he got voted out. According to Suspense Comix's post, I concluded that "Among Us is a bad game because the community ruined it's reputation". I also concluded that players are so mean.

Next time I'll take revenge!

Note: 30:24 part is kinda violent. This was the killing part



Players in sam animations's Among Us streams are also mean. They vote me out for no reason, they insult me, etc. That happened once. When I was in one Among Us game, few players were talking bad things about me (that I need to drink bleach, that I am idiot, retard, fool, moron), etc. After that "game of hell" finished, they banned me for no reason and I  R-A-G-E  Q-U-I-T-T-E-D  the game. So, I concluded that these few players are so mean.

You can enter your date of birth (if prompted), and then sign in. If you are still locked on Quick Chat Only, you may need to ask for guardian's permission (this hint is only for PC). On phone:

1. Download Among Us.

2. After downloading enter the game.

3. You may get a notification from Among Us where needs to download additional assets.

4. After that, enter your date of birth.

5. Then sign in to your Google Account.

6. You will be prompted to choose an account to use for Among Us.

7. Click on your account.

8. Approve permission for signing-in. If you have less than 13 years, you'll be stucked at Quick Chat Only till your 13 year.

9. After approve, you should get "Success!" pop-up.

10. And you're ready to go!

I think that hacker (like sire sirol) joined your lobby and enabled the hack to start game with 1 player



That means that version is no longer supported and you should ask for a refund. You can download Among Us by searching on MediaFire or Mega

me too

The date of official release is finally confirmed (official release is the last week of July)! 

Credits to shadow X gaming for this video!

Here's some (not such) pog, but good stream by sam animations (because I got banned and kicked from tournament lobby, I rage quitted)

bruh yeah



Check on 12:04 😎

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I was impostor with sam animations in his stream!

So pog (there is not only Among Us, there are Fall Guys and animating).

P. S. there is sam animations's voice reveal on 12:04

I was playing Roblox yesterday and I got "Roblox has shut down this server for maintenance." error. I left the game, and after I refreshed the page, I got "The service is unavailable." error

So pog

That's because version is not supported anymore. You may need to ask for a refund, 'cause there's no other solution. You can download Among Us from Steam or Epic Games (payment is, unfortunately, required), or just download the file by searching on YouTube.

I hope this helped.

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This does not sound good:

Roblox just got down

Servers exploded, there were 560 reports on DownDetector at 11 PM (CET):

Didn't have that problem

Another so pog stream with sam animations!

I have free chat, NOT SURE

Have you seen this glitch sometimes?

Credits to Æ for this video!