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Nice Game :D

Hey man, thanks so much for making a video on my game :). Yeah it’s the end of the museum when you get to the top of of the tower, I will edit the description to make that more clear. Thanks a lot for playing though! 

Very Nice! I plan to use this in one of my future projects, The demo is very fun and the code is extremely intuitive. 100/10

Hey Flamez Plays! Thank you so much for the feedback, We are working on a future update that shall introduce more of a storyline, and polish it a bit more. We just wanted to get a base model out there to see what we need to improve. Thank you

Door Bug Fixed! :D

I have now fixed the Door Bug, there no real need to replay though as beyond that it just ends the level!

Okay Ive updated it and I fixed the Door Bug that everyone was hacing trouble with. I changed up the AI a bit too so hopefully that is better!

I dont know what it is about it? It just feels nice playing it... Its nothing big but its just satisying.. 

This was more of a meme than anything. I was just messing about in Unity and accidentally made this... 

Hmm. Mabye just leave it running in the background for a bit and it should open but if it doesnt start after like 90 Minutes then unfortunately you probably cannot run it...

What are your computer specifications? It takes me around 20 Minutes to load with a 1050, Im working on solving it at the moment.

Thanks so much for playing my game. Im aware of the 3rd door bug and I have currently dedicated myself to fixing that. But Thanks for playing it honestly means alot to me <3

Thanks Levont! Yeah im working on the door bug and the enemy placement, but It was part of a 3 Hour game jam so it might have had some bugs, that being said though ill take your feedback :)

Wow thank you so much for this. It honestly means the world to me, Im going to go back and try and improve Frontier. But thank you so much! ❤️ 

Thanks so much for the feedback it honestly means so much to me! Also loved your YouTube video on it! :D

Ive reworked the AI in the next chapter to be more defensive and made the zombies better. Thanks for the video loved it bro! Ill keep you updated for TV189 - Eclipse. Really love your support <3

The Final hoarde is undefeatable but there is more than enough ammo in the game for you to wipe out the enemies in the Sci-Fi base. Also another quick note, you must have your graphics lowered to be getting those uglier textures, try turning up your graphics, also the amount of enemies is realistic to the storyline, the sci-fi base held thousands and was invaded by the virus. Try replaying the game at a higher setting and looking for ammo and then you may discover some more enjoyment. But if it wasnt your cup of tea, then id advise you try TV189 - Sandstorm as it has more firefight and not as much hoardes of enemies. Thanks for the feedback though.

Thanks for the feedback, in Sandstorm i experiment with different types of enemy and there is more firefight aspects but thank you! 

If you found this one interesting you would find Frontier / Sandstorm amazing! 

Lol, thanks erm yeah imma try and put in subtitles, and the AI keeps getting stuck because its so laggy, it has real time pathfinding to the player and the game would be running at < Real time so the enemies can't find their way to the player. Optimisation might be a way foward here. 

Amazing game! Thoroughly enjoyed it. absolutely amazing

Thanks so much for your feedback Proofread I subscribed to you and I also liked the video! Ill take what you said in the video and try and include it in future games, but i hope you enjoyed it or atleast found it funny! But it was my first game and people are making videos on it, This honeslty means the world to me! Thanks!

Thanks so much I watched your video and subscribed. This was my first attempt at making a game and your feedback honestly means the world to me! I liked the video and ill take your advice and try to implement it in future! But it means the world to me!