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Thank you for playing! Your video was very entertaining!

Island of Terror

After experiments gone wrong on the Island of Terror, only you can stop the monsters from infesting the world! Explore the island, read clues on the research consoles and close the portal!

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Share your opinion about the game!

Post bugs and errors you find in the game here.

Thank you for the video it was awesome! You are on spot with the ideas, a Challenge mode and unit classes are being released in the next update. Optimization will also be  a priority.

Thanks for the advice! Don't worry, more features are in the works.

I'm glad to hear you had fun with the game. Thank you for including it in your video. I really liked your presentation style, I hope your channel grows!

Strange bug, I will look into it. I  used Gamemaker 2's html5 module.

Thanks for the feedback!

The game had been originally made for the Minimalistic Jam 2 game jam.
Additional content in the full version:

  • More levels
  • New obstacles
  • Music and sound effects

Play it in your browser now!

Thanks! Your comments give me motivation to finish the game!

Thank you! Hope it was frustrating fun.

In this action running game, your reflexes will be tested!

If you like fasted paced running games with difficultto make jumps,

exploding boxes and many more obstacles, than try out the free demo here:

I am glad you enjoyed it. There are only 7 levels so you almost completed the game. I have plans to expand it with new mechanics and levels, but this is all I had time for.

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Yes. I have updated the file, you don't have to install it anymore.