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Thank you, and nice to meet you too! maybe I'll upload some random blender projects here later.

I participated in the latest LudumDare 40 with Thomas Morley, and Nicole Morley, if you'd like to play our game Tank Troubles here's a link! ->

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Manjaro Linux user here, I really Enjoy this game!! looks awesome and plays great! the only problem I had was trying to install it from the AUR Itch desktop client, I had to manually download and run it from the .sh file. Other then that I plan on playing this quite a bit, Thank you for your time and effort making this cool game!

Hello Everyone! I'm new to and look forward to seeing more about your games, as well as upload my own! I started making games somewhere around 8 years ago (mainly gamemaker 8 and bge games / projects) and currently I moved on to godot engine and finally I've released my first game Neon D-Fence YAY!! xD (it's $1.99 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and on Google Play Store). Anyway my small team of 1 / 2 and I are planning on making an RPG that's filled with Chaos and Magic Mwuhaha, It's not gonna be easy. . . but we'll do our best, and if not then it was a fun learning experiance Lol Thank you for reading my introducton, and I hope that I can join in a cool community of game devs / gamers.

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Hello, and Thank you all for your interest in Neon D-Fence!! a friend and I have been working hard to iron things out and give you a good game worth playing. I still have some things to add but for the most part the game is ready and hopefully you will like playing it as much as we do! I'll keep updating it as often as I can and bring more features, and maybe some requests you guys have will be added as well, so feel free to comment and request changes if you think something doesn't work right!