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Hello There I managed to do a gameplay video of the game for those who may be interesting seeing gameplay of the video before downloading it. I really enjoyed the game and do recommend it.

I played your game on my stream today and I really wished the game would have been longer even it it had multiple stories in one game, I would have loved it. I hope you consider adding more to the game or making it a full game.

I had the luxury of playing this on stream today for my series and I really loved the game. If you are weary on downloading the game I am adding my highlight of the game here so that you can see how the game plays. I do recommend it though.

I came across your game last night and decided to play the game on my game series today for stream. I absolutely love the game. I love the game so much that I plan on playing it again on stream for my halloween stream. I hope you consider making more games in the future. 

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Hello I had the luxury of playing your game Bio Evil 4 on my stream today for my series of games. I really enjoyed the game and thought I would give you the highlight from my stream. Hoping you make more games in the future.

Hello I tried to download the game but it won't allow me to downa nd this is the error I get. I am downloading on a Windows PC. 

I had the luxury of playing this game on stream today. I thought I would post the video of that gameplay here for those who wanted to see gameplay. 

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I had the luxury of playing your game and really enjoyed the game. I have created a game play video of the game so that others can see it and I am included it into a complation article that I am writing. I am leaving the video here and will update later with the article link. I hope you continue to make more games.

This game was also included in a compilation article that I wrote. If you would like to read my thoughts on the game, you can read the article by going here:

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I absolutely loved your game and thought it was awesome. I am a writer for a small website that covers everything gaming. I am adding the game to an article that I am currently writing and will post the link to the article here when it had published. In the meantime here is a video of gameplay I did. I hope you all continue on your journey of making games.

Updated (Sept 3, 2018) Here is the article that the game is included in.

This game was included in a compilation article that I wrote. If you would like to read my thoughts on the game, you can read the article by going here:

I did enjoy the game, there are some room for improvements. However, here is a gameplay highlight of the game for those who are interested in the game. 

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am running the v1.01 build and I am on Windows 10 64-bit OS.

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I played your very adorable and cute game on my stream today. I would love if you could work on it more because it really is very adorable. I have posted a gameplay video here. So that you could see the gameplay for those who are hesitant on wheter you want to try this game or not. 

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I had the luxury of finding your game here on and when I saw it was on Steam; I purchased it on steam because of the achievements. However, it appears that the game is currently broken. The game does not allow for you to play and the speed is way too fast. I did play this on my stream today so I am attaching a video so that you can see what is going on. Once it is fixed I would love to do another stream of it to give it justice. 

This is game is really well done, just a few minor issues here. Sometimes the game will force close  after act 3. Congrats on your successful kickstarter as well. I also did a video gameplay as well, but looking forward to the full release of game. 

I have been meaning to post the video gameplay video here for the game. I streamed this on stream about a week or two ago. If you are hesitant on downloading it. I really do recommend it. It's challenging and fun. 

I absolute love this game. I believe this was made for an event, but would love it if a full game could made from this. It combines my favorite two genre's Rhythm and Shmup. Looking forward to seeing more for you all. Also here is a gameplay video of your game. 

I had the pleasure of playing this game on stream and I absolutely loved it. Two things that would be awesome is maybe a tutorial (even if it's just a very short one) and an option to exit back to the game title as I had to exit the game completely to play another mode. Other than that I think the game is amazing and wonderful, and looking forward to seeing more to this game and your future games.

Also, Here is Video Gameplay of the game.

I've played this on newgrounds and let me tell you I am very excited that this is available through Gameplay video coming soon.

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Hello, I bought the game to give it a go because it looks good. However, I am unable to get it to install. It keeps telling me that there is an error with the download and also told me that it contains a virus. I'm sure it's probably the windows defender reading it as a false negative for the virus, but wonder if there is a fix for it.

Update - Turning off the anti-virus program seem to fixed the download issues. Gonna give it a go and will post a video soon.

Update Number 2: I played Project Mercury on stream and my viewers loved it. Here is the video of that gameplay. I am looking forward to seeing more of your games in the future. 

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I just stopped by to let you know that this game is really amazing! I enjoyed what I have played of it so far and can't wait to play the rest of the game. I hope in the future you are able to get this on Steam and that achievements are added to it. I also posted a video playthrough of Nelsa's Playthrough as I am planning on playing this on stream. Again keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

So I played this on live stream today and decided to post the a little of the second part of the game

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Glad to hear, and I look for to keep playing the game to make you aware of any bugs that occur in the future as well. :-) Looking forward to the next release.

I really loved this game and had fun playing it. I did a video gameplay of it for others who may want to see the gameplay of it. 

Hello there, I enjoyed your game so much that I ran it on my stream today. I know it's early access so I'm not ripping the game because it is fantastic. I just wanted to let you aware of a bug that occurs after beating a boss, where Rubi no longer takes damage after the fight. I'm pretty sure that may not be the intentions for it. So I am posting the video of my gameplay so you can see if first hand. 

I really enjoyed this game and it's very relaxing to play, even when it frustrated me but I recommend it to anyone, who likes a challenge and retro.

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Really enjoyed playing this the other day. Great stuff and had all the elements I loved about platformers. Plus, it's DOOM How can one not like Doom.

I just had to come by and personally tell yout hat I really enjoyed your game very much. I showcased it on my stream today because a game this good should not be kept in the dark. I would love to know how to purchase a full copy of the game because I love it that much. I have attached a link to the Youtube Video for the game, but thank you again for taking the time to create such a wonderful beautiful game. Gameplay of Arengius