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I'm so excited to see how the story has progressed since I played the first Hexed Pets games! Thanks for putting in the time for this :)

So excited! (Also highly rec OHSHC because it is brilliant) I love everything your games have to offer and they are so funny!

I never even thought about making the MC based on your own likes and dislikes! I really loved the humour in this game and I probably cackled like a witch while playing. I often play your games when I've got some time and I tend to force my friends to play with me as well.

I think Those Darn Brothers is one of my favourites from your collection, simply because I don't read a lot of your descriptions (keeps the surprise in the game) and I had no idea what was going to happen next. I could make the assumptions but I was either completely wrong or painfully right. It was so much fun to play!

I can't wait to keep playing your games!

I loveee Derek sm I've always wanted to play a route with him!! I have a soft spot for Cove though so it's going to be hard putting him aside T-T Can't wait to play!!

I finally played this game and it's so cute in my opinion! However, my favourite part, which is probably not the same as every other person here, is when Hibiki  says, and I quote, "No way" and Hyuga returns that speech with "Yes way."

I have to remember that these guys are between the age of 24 and 30 something and stop myself from laughing as I imagine that in real life.

In all honesty, though I absolutely love the art style and the story. It's beautifully done and I love the way it ends, well done on a fantastic game <3

I finally got the time to play this game and oh my god it's so good!!!

I had to go with Archie's route first because he was making me laugh so hard I was crying, and all of the characters were so well thought out and funny.

Can't wait for your next game <3

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So excited to play your new games! You've actually inspired me to start learning how to code vn games so thank you so much for continuing to make these awesome stories!

I lack money right now, but I am definitely becoming a patreon when I get a job :)

Could I ask how you remove backgrounds from Photopea with these sprites? I jumped the gun a bit by downloading them all before checking to see if they had the white backgrounds, and they all do T-T

Thanks x

I'll definitely look out for that! Thank you :)

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE playing your games. I think I come onto this website weekly now to see if you have new content haha.

I really liked the hexed pets series, but I couldn't find it anymore, that only means I have all your other games to play though!

Excited to play this game <3 Keep making things that are awesome!

This game was amazing! The drawings were simple and beautifully done, and the experience it displayed was so well written.

At some stage I remember thinking, "Oh haha same." And then I thought, "Oh no, same!" And I laughed.

This was a really cool game to play, I'm not expert lol but I appreciate the time and effort you put into it :)