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I really like this game overall! The graphics and sound were both great, and they gave the game both a lot of charm and an inviting atmosphere. I am not generally a big fan of typing games, but your game was enjoyable compared to other typing experiences. While I agree with other comments that typing words would likely make the game a bit fairer, I believe the main change should be the time that it takes a new letter to appear after a wrong letter press; if I miss a letter in the late game, I usually die before the next letter appears. Otherwise, I had a good time with your game! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! We are so happy that you had such a good time with the game, and we are currently are working to improve the mechanics and concepts for subsequent builds so hopefully, it only gets better from here. We noticed that little glitch in the boss after submission. It's funny that you noticed that too lol; if you watch Whateep's stream, we actually told him about the glitch because he was having trouble with the boss fight, and it lagged out the entire stream because for some reason the blur effects and particles in the boss fight cause lots of lag. Again, thanks for taking the time to play the game and leave some feedback; it means a lot!

Sure! Future versions of the game will also include a "whateep hard mode" that makes the hitboxes as large as the original hitboxes and keeps the attack patterns of enemies and bosses the same in your honor lol.

Wow, thank you so much for all the feedback! I am not a composer and I don't know how to play any instruments so the fact that you liked the music pleases me to no end. Our artist completely agrees with you as well; we both liked the general art style, but the main character could definitely use some work to appear more robotic (we didn't have much time in the jam but he will be updated at a later date). 

I am in love with your idea for multiple stages of destruction, and I can almost guarantee that will make it into the final game, and perhaps maybe some type of building system would be cool too. You are correct in that the physics definitely need tweaking so that they feel a little bit weightier, and we also plan to adjust the balance in the future so that there is more reward for being more agile (as of right now, it is marginally faster to complete the levels as just a head but there is no reward for faster completion).

 Our artist actually wanted to know, how did you like the final boss design? He is really proud of it but he is also looking to improve it if possible. 

Once again, thank you so much for all your meaningful feedback; you have been a great help!

Thanks for the encouragement! 

The dead robots still killing you is a known issue that we plan to fix in the future. Lol, there was a sinking feeling in my gut as I playtested the game after submitting at 3 AM and saw that I forgot to turn off the robot hitbox upon death (I remembered to do that in the boss fight which made it that much worse). 

We are working to improve the game and will upload a more polished version at a later date, hopefully with actual RPG elements as intended (I don't know exactly when because of finals and tests coming up soon). Again, thanks for playing!

Thank you! We are planning to update this game in the future, and of course, I'd like to update the balance between agility and safety to be more rewarding for agility, as right now it makes more sense to go for safety. I'm glad you liked the game!

You have the start of a good game here, as the heat and cooling concepts could be very promising. However, the game in its current state is obviously very unpolished, and it is unclear what the objectives are and how you are to interact with the heat and ice blocks. With some extra time devoted to the development, I could see this being a great game, and I urge you to take the time to improve this game in the future!

I had a great time with your spin on the platformer! The jump height reminds me of Luigi's ability from Super Paper Mario and surprisingly makes a big difference in the gameplay. I also think that the glide is a mechanic that is both helpful and fun to use, and the extra air mobility is great for easily traversing levels. I like the design of the levels in general, but I especially love how many shortcuts the levels include, and it always felt rewarding to find a new one! I do think that the environment design needs a bit of work. Adding backgrounds, new tilesets, and maybe some plants/NPCs would do a lot to liven up the world. I love the design of the main character, and it would be great to see them interact with a fully fleshed-out world. You did an awesome job, and I had a great time playing your game!

This is a really cool game with an exceedingly creative premise! I had a lot of fun trying to get the hair cut as fast as possible, especially when the coloring was added; it made the gameplay even more hectic which I didn't think was possible lol. The music and voices were both spot-on, and they really helped to add some juice to the experience that would not have been present otherwise. Also, your interpretation of the theme was very imaginative, and I died laughing when I figured it out. I believe my biggest complaint would be that I would like to see more people and hairstyles added in the future, as the gameplay started to get a tiny bit repetitive after a while. Otherwise, this is an amazing entry and I would gladly play the final project if you developed it!

I really love this game! First off, I am in love with the Gameboy-esque visuals and sound effects; the graphics and animations are very simple but have a lot of charm. The music is subtle but great and I feel that it adds a lot to the relaxing puzzle-solving contained within the game. The core concept itself is also very creative; when playing your game, it feels a bit like I am playing a Tetris/platformer hybrid. I also love the attention to detail; I was about 10 minutes in before I knew you could get crushed by moving tiles. The one critique I have is I am not a big fan of the movement, but I saw the reasoning in the comments under your game, so I completely understand why they are this way. Overall though, you did a great job, and I know I would be super excited to see a full release!

Wow, this game was great! This seems more like a complete mobile game than a game created for a game jam. The sounds are perfect, the concept is very creative, and the minigames are great fun. I do wish there were more of them though, as they start to get a bit repetitive after a while (though I understand this is likely due to time constraints). I am honestly struggling to come up with many more critiques for this game. At least for me personally, the fact that the arrow keys only work for movement in the up and down direction is a bit of a let down (but again, I completely understand that time was tight, and this did not strongly affect my experience). Overall, amazing job, definitely one of the best I have seen in the jam thus far.

I really liked this game overall! However, it was much too short; I feel like the concepts could have been fleshed out a bit better if you gave the game a little bit more time to "cook", so to speak. I also agree with Justin that the controls could be improved if the aim were mapped to the mouse direction.  I don't see too many bullet-hell-type 2D shooter games, so the idea is certainly unique, and I would love to see it fully implemented. Great work!

Yep, I totally get what you are saying. The main character is actually a debug/test model that my brother made when he was learning to make a platformer a while back, and we really liked the design so we decided to include him in this game. We definitely could have made him look more like the robot/android he was supposed to be. Thanks for being so helpful, by the way! Your feedback is going to help make our game so much better! 

Yeah, I'm honestly really excited to see where this game goes in the future because it is honestly one of the most fun ones I have played in this jam! I actually think it would work super well if it were styled kind of like those stickman fight animations, such as this: (although that would probably be very difficult lol). I also feel like enemies could really help with the replayability (or perhaps procedural generation), as right now it's kind of like you find the way through each level, and then you're done. Overall, man, really great work and I'm excited to see what you make in the future! 

Hello Justin! I had a lot of fun with your game! The graphics are very consistent and look nice overall, but I feel that they could have benefitted from more of your own personal style (in their current state they are relatively generic, almost as if they were drawn in MS Paint). The movement speed is pretty good, but it lacks a velocity system, so at least for me personally, the movement is a bit too stiff for my liking. The music is great, no critiques there, but as others have said, some more sound effects could add a lot to the overall experience. I love the fact that you included mods, as these add a lot to the gameplay experience, and the different levels are a nice touch as well. Your game would benefit immensely from a minimap that shows the layout you have discovered over several playthroughs, as right now it is a bit of a guessing game. My biggest piece of advice is to inject a bit more personal style and creativity into the art and gameplay elements, as this is what will set your game apart from the status quo. Overall, I had a fun time with this game, but due to the lack of your own personal style and imagination, it is relatively middle-of-the-road for me at the moment. It is a great effort for a one-week jam, and your first game jam no less, so I think you should feel proud of your great work!

Thanks for the feedback, man! We will be sure to take all this into account. I get what you're saying with all the mechanic-centric critiques, but do you have any specific tips to improve the visuals? This was the first game in which our artist drew all the sprites in vector and animated them fully, and he is still learning, so any specific help would be greatly appreciated! I will be sure to rate your game in the near future.

Be advised that the Web version is a bit buggy, so it is advised that you play the desktop versions for best performance. Thanks for your understanding!

Glad to know I'm not the only one! You were smart and had the forethought to look at how to export your game beforehand. I kid you not, my literal thought process began and ended with "Yeah, I'll just submit it at 9:50 day of" for the entirety of the project. At no point until the final 2 minutes before the submission deadline did it cross my mind that "I have absolutely no idea how to do this", and thus my next though was "I am completely and utterly screwed".  I also need to get way better at utilizing third party public assets (code snippets or plugins like Fungus) instead of building it all out myself; even though doing it ourselves is more fun for me and my team, jams are probably the worst environment to DIY because of the time crunch. On the bright side, it was better to learn all this my first time and build good habits for Vimjam 2021 than to build bad ones, so it all turned out well in the end.

I learned a lot from this jam, which was a first in making a game, using an engine, and joining a jam. I learned a ton about the Godot engine ( and I guess kinda how game engines work in general lol) and how the node system worked, and about how to make amatuer music, and how to work with a team, and that's just the half of it. Basically everything I know about making games and game engines was learned in the last week :D. But in general, 2 big things stuck out to me.

1) Time management is key. It's great and all if you can make a dialogue system with the ability to have different animations/sounds played for each character and line, and have skippable and non-skippable dialogue, and with conversations that can be easily changed by outside events, but if that takes up half of your development time, so much so that you can use none of these features and the quality of the whole game suffers, it's probably not a good idea to implement all that. (And yes, that's abstractly specific, definitely isn't what happened to me and my team...okay, fine, it's exactly what happened).

2) A little less serious, but still important...If it's your first time using a certain game engine (or any game engine in general) and you think "Hey, I'll work on my game until 9:55 and submit it in the 5 minutes before 10 AM! What an amazing idea!", DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN, SUBMIT EARLIER BECAUSE YOU CAN'T LEARN HOW TO EXPORT A GAME IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE/FORETHOUGHT. So yeah, my team missed the deadline because of me. That was a big learning experience, a mistake I will definitely never make again lol.

Overall, it was a super fun experience and I'm really glad I participated. Here is the link to my game, which is not in the jam but I'd still really appreciate feedback:

Awesome, thanks! That really helps because it tells me I should plan for my purpose before I make a track. I got it mixed up in my comment lol; that was actually the one where I was trying to fit a certain emotion/theme, and the bosscat theme was the one where I placed random notes. Kind of a funny coincidence, but that was actually based off a boss theme I was making for a dog in another game of mine. Anyways, thanks again for all your help! If there's anything I can do for you, just ask, cause I feel like I owe you for helping me out so much XD.

Wow, thanks for the feedback! If I might ask (sorry for bothering you again), which song did you think was the best (out of the menu theme, the boss cat theme, or the searching theme)? You don't need to go in depth for this one, it would just be helpful for me to know which one sounds the best because I took different approaches in creating each one. For the searching theme, I kind of made it up randomly as I went along, for the menu theme, I tried to kind of evolve the music if that makes sense, and for the boss cat theme, I had a general idea of the feel and flow I wanted and tried to go with that, and I wonder if that played a part in how good the music is. Again, don't spend too much time on this, I've already used up too much of your time already lol.

Hey, when you have the time, and be forewarned that my game is not in the jam when not submitted late, could you take a look at my team's music in our game Buffcat: It was composed (more like I clicked notes in a program until it sounded right lol) in house by myself who is not a composer, so any feedback is appreciated, as to whether we should get someone from outside to make it (I have a friend who is an aspiring game composer), or keep doing it ourselves. And also just how the songs (an expansive list of three XD) sound I guess, because you seem to be really advanced in this field. If your time is too filled up with reviewing people's games who are actually in the jam, no pressure, I completely understand.

This game has some of the best music I have heard in the jam so far. The tempo and drive (I don't know what it's called really, I'm not a composer,which is why the music in my game sucks lol) that are present in it fit really well with the game, and the fact that the chicken seems to move with the beat helps both accentuate the music's importance and really help with immersion. I don't know if my inexperienced view helps at all, that's just some of the stuff I noticed.

I know the feel, I had to completely overhaul the entire idea of my game to get it done by the deadline, and then I still didn't even get it done lol.

Really fun and engaging game! It's a bit on the complicated side though; it would have really benefited from a tutorial level so you can see the characters abilities/learn the controls in a safe environment. It's still a really fun game with great music!

Awesome job, it's really addicting! I like how rather than having the motivation for fighting be something usual like level-ups, etc, you made fights necessary to advance. The main thing I might change, if possible, is to keep the level music playing through resets. It's really minor, but I think it would help with the immersion a lot, as it was pretty jarring to hear it reset when I was starting to get into the flow of things near the latter half of each 60 seconds.

Wow, this is an awesome concept. It's kinda like snake mixed with some type of Mario Party minigame, if that makes sense, lol. Really fun to play, and the music is GREAT! One thing I might suggest is a hard mode where you move faster, as once I got the hang of the controls/flow it felt just a tad bit slow, but that's really minor. I love it, you did a great job!

Wow, an awesome and interesting concept that was nearly perfectly executed in the span of only 7 days! And it was funny as heck, well done! The only thing I would maybe change is to emphasize that clicking "Continue" rather than pressing space again advances the conversations, that had me stuck for a minute. Although I'm probably just not that bright. Anyways, great job!

Yeah, my team had export issues (first time using godot), so we couldn't submit. I completely understand if this is impossible, but if there was some way to indirectly submit it (like on the discord or something) just for exposure and to get feedback from experienced people like yourself, not to be officially in the jam, that would be great. Again, though, I completely understand if this would be unfair to everyone else who submitted on time. Thanks for hosting it by the way, because this was our first game, and it wouldn't have happened without this jam!