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Great game 5 stars. its very hard.

i couldn't play it for some reason but i think its a great game mybe idk.

Great Game fits the theme well, it has a lot of mechanics, but sometimes the screen felt like a big falshbang.

Goes well with the theme, solid 5

Greate game there were some game breaking bugs tho 4 stars

Great Game very polished and no bugs, i maybe killed all the wildlife to find that 1 coin i didnt see earlier but thats on me, 5 stars.

Nice little game, there were some bugs but otherwise ill give it a 3.5-4.

Very good gameplay, i didn't see any bugs, very polished game, i didn't know what the powerups did i would'v wanned more feedback othervise a solid 5.

Good music and great gameplay, the music didnt repeat but it didnt need to after you understood that the boxes go on those plates, some stuff clippet trough me but that was only wen i went really close to the stuff, other vies 4.5 or 5 out of 5 

Nice relaxing game, there are no animations in the game but the music is very good, nice relaxing gameplay. 4/5

Great Game, but i couldn't pick anybody else other than the ninja, i wish there wouldv been more bosses that 1. Combat wise i wish there would'v been more options and more mechanics.  If i could i'd rate 3 out of 5,