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I'm very excited to test out the Lizard Beta, but I had a question on my mind. If you buy the beta, will you get the release of Lizard for free/a discount? Even if this is not the case I'd gladly pay for it, I'm just curious...

Hi Brad, I would like to know if there will be an NSF file to accompany the digital downloads of Lizard. I'm interested in creating 8-bit music via FamiTracker and am curious about some of the techniques and such you used for Lizard's soundtrack and want to learn some more about NES music composition. Thanks!

This was quite a while ago, I might have saved the page instead... It's not a big deal, it just had a couple sprites that I had saved somewhere else, that's all.

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When I saved my game, it ended up saving as a .mthml (back in the very early phases of TIC-80 ). I have no idea how to get it back. Any ideas?