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Смерть буржуазии!

This was an amazing (and heart-breaking) experience. Hope to see more made by you guys in the future!

Loved the game! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it, specially because some details during the first half of the game put me off - in particular, the "too late" sign felt out of place and the red stains on the ground were too foreboding. I dislike when danger is made too obvious

However, the second half in the abandoned facility was superb; the atmosphere was extremely oppressive, and I was really scared during that part. The worldbuilding was also awesome - it reminded me of SCP.

One small but impressive thing you did were the empty hallways in the facility with blocked doors: while in games like Silent Hill these lead to puzzles or to the good ol' "this door is shut tight", in your game this led to an even more disturbing atmosphere, as I was led by curiosity to check these places, only to find nothing except darkness, and having to endure more time listening to the ambient noise while I tried to navigate the facility.

Great job, specially for your first released game!

Those are great news! Keep up the amazing work :3