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Thanks! and good luck to you.

Thank you so much, lol

Also, would you like to join my "proud to be - Game Jam" It only has two people right now and I need more lol

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Nah, I'll just try to spread the word. You can do so too if you'd like.

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I will be streaming it tomorrow on my new Twitch account DufusdiggetyDoggo. Do you think maybe you can spread the word, I need subs lol

Do you think this would be a good game to live stream?

That sounds like a challenge, lol.

I see, thank you!

Thanks and good luck!

Does any one understand this: G" (it is what the binary translates to.)

So I made a game before hand, and I saw this jam and thought it would be perfect motivation to make a second chapter, could I make and enter the second chapter into the game jam (the only thing is I  would have the first chapter in the game as well as the second chapter) Also if I need to I can reexplain it better.

So I made a game before hand, and I saw this jam and thought to make a second chapter, could I put the second chapter into the game jam (with the first chapter attached of course)

The darkness is pulling the strings, attempting to tangle up Logan, to become another one of it's puppets 

You must find a key to the drawer, thanks for the support! Also Chapter 2 is in the works so stay tuned for that (sometime maybe next month)

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The whole assets thing was due to time restrictions, considering we only had a week, also  there will not be branching paths until Chapter 2. (Which is in the works now.)  So I hope you stick around to see that, I love the support, it is people like you who keep me going. So for that, thank you!

You have 3 days...

Thank you for not being a dumbass and giving me constructive feedback!

Also, if you would like I have made an update to Imscared. It has an ending! It only lasts 15 seconds maybe, but it makes the game feel better to beat? (I hope)

Thank you, I needed some help. I'm working on learning to do some simple puzzles (Slide boxes, entering codes, etc.) I've just been more and more busy as the school year approaches. Also concerning the shortness (LOL) of the game, I would like to make my games longer it's just after the first 12 days of working on it, I get really REALLY bored. Anyways, your option is valued! So for my next game, what do you think I should recreate? "No Escape" is being considered.

when will you stream them?

I have been working on this all day today, you don’t flippin’ know!! I finished Part 1 completed added in a little intro between Part 1 & 2! I only got a little bit done, never the less I’m still proud! Anyways you don’t care about that let’s get to the Progress report!

Part 1: 100%
Part 2: 49%
Part 3: 0%
Part 4: 0%

Title screen: 100%
Intro: 100%
BGM/SE : 40%

Overall: 39%

Hey would you like to make a game for my new jam? (if so I'll leave a link)

Cool and sorry for so stupid and putting that  comment up without at least a spoiler warning...

If you are on Windows 10 like me you will notice all projects will make the  Windows Defense thing pop up. I have a more secure anti-virus software called McAfee that I used to scan all the games, they are safe! (including mine (I never knew (XD))) So you can just click more details then run anyways.


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Oh and don't know if this is a shading glitch or something. (that made no sense) But, I'm %75 sure I saw that Dark dude replace the girl in the last 3 seconds of the fadeout.

This is one of those games where you have the mix of these thoughts : What the Fuck? + Oh that's cool

Also, will you please give me a lick to your channel?

Yay! I mine wasn't pre-made!

Because I'd love for my game to be shown on a YT

In the description you said that all games will be shown on YouTube, is this true or was it just a scare tactic? 

I'd say.

This game has a sequel coming hopefully tomorrow. You see I've been working on the two together.   

This game has a sequel coming hopefully tomorrow. You see I've been working on the two together.