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Sorry, unwiring would seem a bit buggy. You can click on the arrows to remove current wire or press ‘E’ to exit the puzzle.

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I’m sorry for the lagginess. I suppose you could try the browser version, as it seems to be a bit more lightweight.

The main mechanic revolves around looking. Shift is just for running. You look at the monsters and they freeze. So yeah. Maybe I should hint the shift-running later on, so it doesn’t confuse the player too much.

Thanks for playing!


Just updated version 1.2, fixing checkpoints (again) and adding a few visual hints.

Weeelll, I might continue the development, but it didn't get much attention, so I'm not sure it's worth it. We'll see later on. 

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Thanks for your feedback!

Hmm, dying shouldn’t normally affect the progression of the last puzzle room. Are you sure you properly explored the leftmost sub-room (which opens after pressing the bottom-left button)? Maybe I should make more emphasis on a mechanic that spawns new enemies, so it becomes more consistent.

I feel like green color will break the visual style. Maybe I should introduce cyan/blue as ‘ally color’ earlier on, somehow. Right now the color distinction between things is not very clear, I agree.

Voiceover overlap happens always. I haven’t implemented the system to interrupt current sound when the new one is played :P But, the first two rooms should be the only places where this is possible.

Subtitles seem important, I had them planned originally, but they weren’t fitting in a time constrain and I kinda neglected them. If I take this game further, subtitles are a must, obviously.

Okay, so I played Gelda.

I admit, Hilda have been on my watch/read list for a very long time, and I still haven’t crossed it off. I am absolutely in love with it’s visual style, and Gelda plays into it amazingly. I will play the hell out of it, if it ever becomes a full-length game (assuming everything else is polished).

This visual aesthetic is very consistent thoroughly the whole game, and besides a few clippings/tile gaps it is flawless (for a Jam). 

One thing that bugs me about visuals are the branches. They merge with the background and it’s kinda hard to distinguish them while running from a troll. They definitely should be more visually distinctive.

Gameplay. It’s nice, but it suffers sometimes from small bugs and inconsistencies. 

As others have said, the death seems too punishing. Delay between death and respawn could have been 2-4 times shorter. 

Game features a lot ‘leap of faith’ jumps. You jump blindly and hope the level design catches you. Granted, it does, but considering death delays, it feels very punishing to experiment with blind jumps. And I don’t mean only Mistfox jumps, even the regular in-level jumps often times require lots of faith into level design.

Then, you have these huge leaps with Abi. They seem very inconsistent. I know they are predictable, but because of how big the distance is, they feel ‘leap of faith-y’ as well. Flying through the whole level into the unknown basically. 

And to top all that, not all checkpoints are well-placed. Some require a bit of strolling until you reach the troll-sequence (which you’ve died at a few times already).


Now, I make these downsides seem huge. They are a big deal, but everything good about the game really outshines them. But the experience can’t be whole with these things present, in my opinion.

You see, it seems like I rate this game as a standalone finished product at this point. Which I really shouldn’t. It’s a Jam entry made in a tight time limit. But I can’t help it, cause I really like it))

Okay, so I played The Football Launch.

It looks good, it sounds good, it plays... a bit hard, but still fun and good!

The graphics and VFX are very enjoyable, and really make you want to replay the game.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, but have a nice skill cap, so the overall playing experience is very positive! Easy to understand, hard to master, as they say.

Very nice artwork and sounds + simple yet hard gameplay, seems like an amazing formula for a Jam game. This game is definetely memorable, which is a nice achievement. Doesn’t seem very related to the show though? Haven’t watched it, judging by the provided link only.

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Okay, so I played The Sompsins.

The idea of the game is quite nice, I liked it. Not a huge fan of The Simpsons, but the game seems to capture it’s mood quite well, in my opinion.

The graphics are very nice, and definetly capture the aesthetic of the show.

Gameplay is polished and controls feel very smooth. I had no trouble at all while playing the game. It does seem a bit over-stretched though. There doesn’t seem to be any difficulty increase nor any new mechanics. So some simple mechanism to ramp up the difficulty could make wonders to it’s replayability and arcade-feeling.

Game over screen (both win and lose) is kinda bland too. Some congratulation would go a long way in rewarding the player for playing.

Game captures the show’s mood quite well, and feels good to play. There doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement and growth though, as the difficulty and complexity does not scale at all.

Okay, so I played Girl and Cat Fight Back.

Game feels very good to play: it looks nice, controlls are smooth, sounds are pleasing. Took me some time to figure out only the cat can finish off enemies, but after that it was a breeze.

Until I died and had to start all over again. Had 3 deaths in total. It kinda sucks to start from the beginning, but the skill builds up very quickly and first few rooms become really-really simple. So maybe one midpoint checkpoint would have been enough? Hard to say.

Now, as I said earlier, the sprites are really nice, the music is very nice and the SFX are very nice. But a lot of it was bought on a marketplace, sadly (or based on it with a color pallet change). That’s somewhat of a bitter pill.

Additionally, cat gets stuck all the time. If I understand correctly, he doesn’t have any real pathfinding. It’s fine in the scope of a Jam, but takes some time to get used to. Sucks to get killed because the cat didn’t show up or didn’t teleport to the next room. It is an essential element of the game’s progression, but you almost have no control over it. Frustrating sometimes.

Very nice and polished game, albeit heavily comprised of pre-made assets. It was a pleasure to play, even when the cat dumbed out. Like a real cat would)

Thank you for your feedback! I am almost finished with the final version (at least for the Jam), and now I can see a few new things I can squeeze in there.

Were lags universal or in spikes? Maybe they occurred in certain rooms (main concern is the Crystal Room)? Crystals are quite expensive (fixed in upcoming version); World Events (how voiceovers are triggered) perform very intensive operations during one frame (fixed); Saving - same thing (this time it’s fine, saves occur in safe points), all lightning was dynamic (fixed, eeeh, presumably).

So maybe you can define where the problems occur, so I can deal with them.

Okay, so I played Catch The Birdies.

First few seconds in – I felt kinda lost. The fact that I don’t play many fps on PC didn’t help (have trouble reaching for left shift). But the game became obvious very fast, after the first death, and after that it was quite fun.

I like the dash addition and the spin on original snake’s eat mechanic: it became manual. The controls feel very natural once you get a grip on them.

Graphics-wise it’s too simple for my taste, but I liked the snake and the Vulture sprites. Also, Vulture appearance is very cleverly designed: with a shadow warning. I know for sure it wouldn’t feel fair if the Vulture came down without this overshadow delay. It also adds a lot to visual asthetic of the game. And the camera shake when Vulture deals damage to the snake. Very good and clear feedback.

Conclusion: Easy to understand mechanics based on a preexisting knowledge – it really works in favor of this game. Main sprites are nice, but background and UI could use some work. Can’t say much about being true to the show, as I am not very familiar with it. But the music works really well with the mood even on it’s own.

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Hey, thanks a lot man!
I wonder why the game seems so dim. Is it your monitor/recording settings by any chance? Did the game looked like on screenshots when you played it?

Okay, so the puzzles really really required a lot of playtesting, which obviously wans't quite possible in the format of a Game Jam.  

Still, I'm happy most of puzzles could be understood. I suppose they should had clearer rules, on which a player could have made his own assumptions. Instead, you kinda had to guess the rules sometimes. In my defense, it's really hard to judge when you play it everyday and know all ins and outs.

Glad you liked it! I really hoped the mechanics would be enjoyable, and it would seem they are. At least mostly. 
You have a great voice btw)

P.S. if you haven't rated the game on the submission page, you're more than welcome if you want to. I would really appreciate that. That said, I am really excited you made a whole video. It' quite an honor on it's own.

Okay, so I played the Space Trip.

The game gets somewhat absurd at times, but I like how these ‘risky, crazy, but brilliant decisions’ represent the mood of the show. I like how it stays true to the source, without being set in space/alien planet.

I was not a fan of the long dialogue at the beginning though. The same exposition could have been given through more active gameplay, rather than a long dialogue. Like, maybe exploring a few set pieces being placed outside the studio, to give more context to boys’ talk and have a more meaningful ground for Sunny's dialogue.

The art is very cute, works with the gameplay and atmosphere quite well.

The game has a somewhat slow start, but builds up pretty nicely towards the middle, when the actual gameplay starts.
It is hyperbolized (13 years old Hackerman, come on), but I think it really helps to convey the mood of the original show.
Art feels like it has a loving heart behind it, it is simple, but charming.

P.S. I had a bug right before the limousine arrives. I had a action prompt right after I exited the studio, even before the animation and some dialogue went through. It skipped right to the talk inside the car, so I guess I didn’t lose much.

Thank you  for your comment!

Okay, so I played the Crystal Lab. 

I found the early game experience quite frustrating. It’s pretty simple to cook the first batch, but the mixing and cooking rules are quite unclear. They require a lot of experimentation, when ideally they should be defined beforehand. Clearly explain the rules, but introduce many possible outcomes. In first 7 levels all the rules were unique, which meant you spent time learning them, but had very little enjoyment using them. They were one-off mechanics. Didn’t seem like you can combine them in any meaningful way besides 1-2 outcomes. 

That said, I liked the pacing of middle/end game. At the beginning the delays feel long, which hinders the desire to experiment with combinations, but once you understand which does which, you can confidently manouever between the tables, and it feels nice. 

I liked the atmosphere. It wasn’t in the mood of drug making, though. My feelings are mixed here. 

Visuals are simple, but consistent and pleasant. With smoother animations, they can be confidently used in a full-sized game, I feel like. 

Mixing should be more intuitive with clearer rules. I see a big opportunity with standart color mixing: (Red + Yellow = Orange; Green + Blue = Cyan and so on), and more standartized outcomes of mixing and baking.
Maybe the durations of operations should be smaller at the beginning, so that the player can experiment a bit more without feeling punished.
Graphics are nice and quite likeable.
The atmosphere is chilled and relaxing, but it contradicts the tense and ‘always downhill’ mood of Breaking Bad. It depends on your goal, but because of the Jam’s theme, it expected to represent the TV show.