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I'm a programmer and not an artist, so I was planning to use game assets made available for free online. Is that allowed?

Also, I'm going to assume we can still participate even if we're not from Dallas :D

Woah, this is such a fun game! Really well-polished with amazing graphics, I had a blast playing this!

Thanks for trying my game out! I'm happy you enjoyed it :D

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, icy rooms were one of my inspirations for making this game. I thought, since you're in space, wouldn't you just float along till you hit a wall? Just like when on ice! Hence the game :D Thank you for trying my game out!

Interesting concept! It feels like several minigames in a game, and the cute and chill art and background music builds up on that.

I wish there was a restart button though. During the "going to Mars" part of the game, was kind of lost for a while, and I only managed to hit the red planet through pure luck. If I didn't, I would have just floated along till I lost fuel! Same comment on the restart button for the meteor-avoiding part as well, allowing us to try again and again.

Good game overall, feels like the sort of game to try out on a chill night :D

Thank you for your feedback! Agree that I should put more polish regarding animations, particularly for movement and for death. I'm planning to add those in the future, though it won't be part of this jam anymore. Thanks for trying my game out! :D

Fun game! Cute art, and the movement feels nice. Agree that further polish would have been more beneficial over procedural generation within the limited time if you had to choose. Also, a scoring system would have been nice. I wanted to keep playing but had no way to know how far I was going.

Good game overall! Would love to see you do more with this :D

Good game! Great mechanic with harpooning the moons, and the art was really fitting for the game. Like the other commenter, I found it really easy to stay up by clicking the moons near the top. Aside from her suggestion of a cooldown on the harpoon throwing, I also suggest the moons slowly breaking the more often you use them. That way, we would be encouraged to use other moons instead.

Also, maybe the harpoons could launch in the direction of the click indefinitely until it finds something, not only towards the clicked point itself? Sometimes I would click right behind the moon and the harpoon goes past the moon, without actually harpooning it. Might just be my personal taste, but it's also something to put into consideration. This mechanic would also help in increasing difficulty, as  the harpoon will take a longer time to recover if you make a mistake.

I love the concept and game overall, and excited to see what else you'll make in the future!

Good game! Love the way of moving, and the varied levels really add to the overall aesthetic.The cut-scene at the beginning was great and really added to the atmosphere of the game. Overall a good way to pass the time!

Pretty cool game!  Has the interesting concept of having control of each individual gun; it creates a micromanagement game instead of a normal shoot-em-up associated with "spaceship with guns". Allowing the player to shoot our own ship also ups the difficulty level, making us have to plan our aim.

Would recommend that the dialogue system be faster and would require us to click a button before it goes to the next set of text. The entire time I was reading, it felt like I was being rushed. Also, I think the enemies would spawn off the screen? I would see bullets coming at me off-screen, so I would just aim where the bullets were coming from. I think I killed them before they even made it onscreen :D

Overall a good entry, would love to see the concept extended on further iterations!