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bird brain

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Like a creepy zelda outtake that not only nails the nostalgic vibes and visuals, but reminds me a bit of my own subjective experiences as a child... like finding certain games unsettling and feeling really freaked out at the bottom of the well. 


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I so happened to have a cup of tea in front of me when running across this. Definitely enhances the experience. Nice drawings, too.

I've been going through it on hard now and just started the mountain area. It's not too bad I guess. I went through on easy the first time, but you get better.

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This is one of those games like islanders that I will probably obsessively play until I am completely bored of it. I prefer this to that game, though. i love seeing things just go wild, and all the animals populating the biomes and roaming free. :)

when i was a kid, i used to play caesar 2 on my computer. this evokes nostalgia while being a lot simpler and not... imperial. there isn’t any guy shouting “PLEBS ARE NEEDED” at me all the time, either. it is very peaceful and i like the music. 

i also think that the difficulty needs to be dialed back a bit. 

EDIT: Going through it on hard now. Maybe the difficulty is okay.

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I like the progression of the exploration and how it unravels. Very mysterious and stirring to the imagination... 

Nice art, too.

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i played this a few nights ago, and i keep thinking about the room getting physically  smaller and the invisible maze and the ending.

i’ve had the tendencies to really inhibit myself and make shit worse by being incredibly self-deprecating and catastrophically hard on myself. external factors play a role in all this, too.

i think things can get better. 


cool art

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this game /feels/, man...

love the music

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They feel like they have a lot of character, and am curious about the old games, now... Downloading Infested, now and looking forward to it.

This little experience ends up really stirring the imagination and made me wonder about the bigger world it suggests. Really cool. 

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Really neat experiment that works on the old laptop I’m stuck with this summer - unfortunately this same laptop’s W key (and also Q key) doesn’t work. I got stuck at that point. 😑

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This is a very cool game inspired by a past I’ve less in the way of experience with. I’ve never played these macventure games... It feels like something I would have lost myself in with one of my childhood friends for hours. Very cool, indeed...