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Screw this fake-ass garden party!

I really dug this and looped through it many times.

5/5 stars in my book. Of course, the themes tackled here are right up my alley, and I greatly appreciate some of phoebe's influences cited here and the collage, sort of dada-inspired (?) art style.

Unfortunately the written component meant to accompany the game isn't up anymore. I'd love to read it, but the feature on re:bind is worth reading, too.

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A nice take, but i don't really believe there are *two* different conceptions of what a videogames are, or that there is exists some kind of tension or breach between them. There is, however, a giant myriad of things out there, and to say that they are in either one of two camps to me is kind of weird, prescriptive, and limiting upon the imagination of what all exists or could exist. What there seems to be, to me, is that there are some people who can't seem to imagine anything beyond a game in it's most primitive, literal form, who act very close minded about about anything different, experimental, emotional, etc, despite the fact that monolithic, popular AAA games already deviate from that definition pretty significantly (IMO), yet are accepted as games by the masses. The term "game" can, and has been, inclusive for a while.

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the initial impressions you get from the game are great. calm, moody, bleak vibes along with some great pixel art and sound, and of course the bottle messages are really neat too, but unfortunately the game only held me for so long until i began to lose interest, and then drowned. it's interesting and I'm glad i spent time with it, though.

maybe part of the point is to get kind of bored... nothing but drifting along alone, running out of gas, losing contact with others...feeling lost, and losing hope - as you would, endlessly drifting in an endless, flooded, post-civilization world.

yeah, it happened to me too - also clicking the download link for the windows file trips my virus scanner up too... avast loves to go crazy over alienmelons games haha. it's a big nerd of a virus scanner.


Feeling pretty neutral about this one :|

Nah actually it's pretty great

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I find these new games (the post EIGTBOK stuff) put me in a place of self examination and are subtly thought provoking - and I feel like I've reflected on them a lot (especially this one lol). Maybe we will see them compiled together like Armagad in the future, since they all kind of play and build upon similar ideas? It's like it's own new era of your work. Like if you had a wikipedia article it would be in it's own sub-section like "Life after Everything is Going to be OK and new work" next to "government censorship and accusations of illicit potatoware".

I like the mechanics you experimented with here using the desktop space and it's funny and cute, but I'm really looking forward to how you build upon these ideas in the future.

Anyways, I deleted my old review because it was silly and I don't think you liked it.

I will certainly remember you for this game. It's good jokes. Good satirical stuff.


Is this what happens if you laugh but don't take the survey?

This was so... moving.

It stinks :s

This was really cool. 

Lol nice one 

This update was so good :) Also I love the theme you've created here.

very neat little game poem Rook