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Trash Raptor Games

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Loving the new changes to the crop selling system! Makes things a lot more challenging and interesting.

I have a question about graphics. Some of us have Intel graphics cards. Will there be updates for that? What I mean is every time I play it says that an older version of my graphics card is more compatible than my new one, and the game lags quite a bit. I noticed the newest update runs even slower.

Also on the topic of graphics, is there a chance graphics sliders will be introduced at some point (shadow quality, LOD, etc.)?

Brutal Castle community · Created a new topic Soundtrack?

Will you release the music for this soon?

If I replace the current version with the latest update, will it erase my save? / where's the save location?

Really cool! Glad I picked it up

Is there a proper way to close out of this game? I had to do the alt + enter method.

Thank you so very much! It means a lot to me that you got back to me :)

Thank you very much for your reply. Where can I find the "Forgotten" song?

What music did you use? Would love to stream or download. Very pretty music.

Love the new pics! So excited for this game!

That's awesome to hear! I'm excited for the new changes

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Soundtrack link here doesn't work and Steam page for it doesn't allow for download. How can we get it?

Thank you

Do you have to have flash installed on your computer to play this?

Thank you

Where is game save data stored?

I wanted to know as well. Thank you very much for the info

Screenshots of Audacity will do.

Can you release the soundtrack? I love the music!

The very first submission was a picture and not music and was taken down, but it still counts it I guess.

I know you posted this a while ago, but I just started trying to make a song for this today. I'm hoping I'll have at least a song finished before the end of the jam. Are you still working on anything?

Oh, thanks! :)

How exactly do you pronounce the title?

Did you compose the music too?


This game is such a neat idea! A lot of fun to play! My only complaint is that the camera sensitivity sliders don't seem to work. Also, will you ever make the music available? I really like it and wouldn't mind having it.


Does this always resize the pictures it converts? Isn't there a way to convert without resizing to a smaller resolution?

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I definitely enjoyed it. The calming music was the first thing I noticed and immediately wanted to know what it was. Thank you very much for making it available!

Is the song called just "Iloilo - Main Theme", and who is the artist? The mp3 didn't have any tag info

Is there any way I could get ahold of the music files? I honestly just want them to listen to, not to use in anything. It's really nice stuff, and would love to have it in my personal library.

What a nice little game! I have schizophrenia and it was nice to see someone explain it well. The game as a whole is a great concept. Great job!

Will you release the soundtrack? It's rad as heck!

Will you ever release the soundtrack?

What is the difference between "Insight Layers" and the regular "Entertain Me"? Both files are still called "Entertain Me" and I don't know which one to play first, or is this a remake, or what?

Where can I get the soundtrack?

Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Sequel

Okay. I like really, really need a sequel. This game is so good! I want more!

Is there a way to get the soundtrack? The music is nice

Wow, nice! Thanks for replying! :)

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Great so far! Look forward to the finished product. Decent save system and ability to play windowed mode would be good ideas in the future though.