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Dude i love your stuff so much you're amazing

aro story :3

also noticed sunny using they/them? :D! 

super cute!! <3

I think yes, because on my laptop the game icon is the Renpy icon


okay this absolutely fucking sucks wtf is this crap lol

right wots all this den

how do i make it work on mac :(

Thank you so much!! I will try this 

Lmao I just now saw this comment :D it's been 78 days :0 but it just says that ''The app Game cannot be opened'' and it doesn't matter what I do, I can't open it!! :(

play on mobile


a fucking great game. thanks

ay update ur app

this was SUCH A GREAT GAME! loved it

i don't get it... how do i play this game ?

(1 edit)

That was pretty great! I don't know if it's supposed to continue after ->(SPOILERS) 

it returns back to the menu. Got the email that said thank you and that she can see again, but I'm definitely not sure if it's supposed to continue after that.

it was such an experience !!! 


i tried to close the game and got scared

this is so cute

that was fun! :D

Nothing can ever win ddlc >:(

I get this too!! :( Whyyy

:(( I really wish I could play the game

Lol I got all the endings! It was a nice game and I love the art style :)

I have the same problem :(

This comment contains spoilers. Just a warning for everyone who reads this haha

Yay! It's so nice that there's some lgbtq+ characters too :3 Another reason to like the game even more! 

I think I've reached 2 endings now. 

The one where Twyla burns the house down and Crowven... well, dies in the fire. And the one where both Crowven and Twyla go missing. I think it's two bad endings for me right now XD 

Hey again! Just found out another really nice thing about the game! I noticed that when Mary and Crowven talk about Vas, they say ''they''. So...does that mean Vas goes by they/them? Also noticed that Crowven has a bisexual flag on his wall! That's really nice, I'm lgbtq+ too :)

Okay thanks, just wanted to make sure :D

Also hey have a great day, ur doing an awesome job! <3

Haha, ur welcome! I also have one question. You told in the game's description that there's 3 routes, each with a good and a bad ending. I'm not sure what that means, because English isn't my first language :D So is there only 3 endings, or 6? (3 good, 3 bad). And of course the true ending. Sorry if I made it complicated lol

I found this game today and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I like visual novel-type games, since I played DDLC a while ago and loved it too. I just finished one of the routes in this game! Almost cried lol. Awesome game! 5/5 I love it <3 Great job!