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I liked this! Movement is a little slidey, would like if that was tightened up a little.

Keep it up!

I really loved this! Very intriguing mechanic and I'd love to see more done with it.

The movement and jumping were a little awkward however.

Keep it up!

Thank you! Glad you liked it ^-^

Love this idea! The hitboxes made it a little frustrating however. On some levels I'd get trapped and have to wait a few seconds to retry.

Keep up the good work!

A fun idea for sure! I loved the button that aims its shield towards you.

Was very hard to see as the window was tiny. I was also a little confused by the boxes you could push, they didn't seem to have any bearing on the actual puzzle.

Would like to see this expanded! Keep up the good work!

Very fun idea! Jumping felt a little clunky; I kept catching the floor above. The audio was also a little ear splitting :p

Overall very fun though!

Very much enjoyed this! Some nuggets of good puzzle design in there. It's truly impressive how many levels you managed to include for such a short jam! I got a little frustrated further in; I struggled to execute the solutions I'd come up with.

One of the bigger issues was accidentally pushing blocks too far/when I didn't want to. Maybe you should have to hold a button to push? The darker walls also confused me at first, maybe add a puzzle in before they're first used to demonstrate the concept.

Great work! Keep it up ^-^

I think the fun of the game comes from remembering where to move in the dark. Giving the player a tiny look results in getting lost and having no idea what to do, which isn't fun. I'd suggest you show the screen fully until the player moved, rather than giving them a limited time. Would really highlight the fun aspect imo

Thank you for the feedback! The combat was a little rushed I'll admit. I'm hoping to approve it in the future!

I'm glad you like it!

Very interesting idea! Would love to see some rudimentary AI so I can play without a friend.

Great work!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I 100% agree with all your points, it's all stuff I'm looking to improve upon :)

Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked it ^-^

Certainly an interesting concept! With a little more polish this would be really fun!

I ended up spending a while speedrunning this! My best time was about 47 seconds :) Would love to see more!

Interesting idea! I wasn't sure what to do really but I muddled through :p I ended up killing the dragon by throwing a slingshot at it, not sure if that was intended?

I hope you can work some more on this!

Really fun! Managed to get 104 :)

Glad you liked it! I really wanted to make the player feel lost in the dark, I'm glad that worked somewhat. Thanks so much for the comment!

Really loved this! Really interesting idea that I had a lot of fun with. Would love to see it expanded!

Very interesting idea! Can't wait to see how it evolves ^-^

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it ^-^ I really appreciate your feedback!

Trans rights!

Excellent idea! A unique twist on the popular "only one bullet" idea. I had a lot of issues with collision detection on the later rounds, would love to see those fixed! I could sink hours into this

I really loved this!! Great idea and very clever puzzle. Great work!

Thank you for playing!! I'm glad you liked it ^-^

Looks cool but itch says you haven't uploaded a game? Hope to play it soon!

Thank you so much for playing!! I should've put some tutorial stuff at the start of the game it seems :p

Glad you liked it!

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Really loved this! Super cute and very impressive! Would love to be able to hide the UI to get clean screenshots!

Thanks so much! Yes that's actually a raven, drawn by the lovely

Glad you enjoyed it!

LOVED this! My favourite game of the jam so far! Had some issues with the camera, it has some weird swaying with the background that made me nauseous and I normally don't get motion sickness.

Other than that, brilliance! Would love to see this made into a full length game; keep it up!

I couldn't kill the flames either, sat and put in dozens of nails but no luck. Maybe a bug?

Lovely little game! Great idea to have the nails be platforms, although it took me a while to realise :p Would probably benefit from larger borders because I kept clicking out of the window!

Love the art style! The idea of passes down genes is also pretty neat! Would love to be able to compare the stats of my new character to the last, it changes so quick I forget what they were before!

Love this! Such a fun idea, keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the game :) I'll be sure to lower the volume if there's another update!

Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you liked it :) We never had time to add loot boxes so at least the title makes sense in that aspect!

Super fun! By the time I reached the fourth shape I was absolutely lost :p

Absolutely incredible! At first I thought I'd never yell to get the sonar going, but a few ghosts in and I was desperately yelling ping like my life depended on it. Fantastic work!

Super interesting concept and very unique. Would love to see more of this!

Tough game! My highest score so far has been 1558. Could maybe use a bit more of a tutorial, at first I thought you had to click, rather than just hover

Thanks so much for your comment! I'd be happy to help you out, let me know! I'll be sure to check out your game :)