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Love this game!! I'm speedrunning it (my best time without secrets is 113 seconds) and I've submitted the game to :D

Maybe a downloadable version in the future? I'd love that!

Thanks for your comment!! And thanks so much for the feedback. The whole development was a little botched because we ended up going too far with our scale. At least we learned from the experience! Thanks so much for playing :D

That's a known issue. Is it definitely when you click too fast

Hiya!! Thanks for the comment :D You have to click real fast for the dog petting :) I'll make sure to add that to the controls list!

Thanks :D Not all the orbs are in the game because we didn't finish. When I have time I'll update the game to include the final one!

Hi!!! Thanks for the comment!
The controls can be found in the description on the game page, I don't think you can see that on the jam submission page unfortunately. Sorry for the confusion!

Hiya! Thanks for the comment :D

The controls can be found in the description of the game (which I think you have to go to the actual game page instead of the jam submission page for, sorry!)

I've just posted an updated game which fixes the issue with the dogs, unfortunately it was a last minute bug which I didn't have time to fix before the end of the jam.

Pretty interesting, controls are sometimes a little confusing.