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Нет, так точно не должно быть о_о Звучит как очень странный баг, впервые слышу...
Должно быть так, как здесь на скриншотах.
На Windows играете или на эмуляторе?

Спасибо за добрые слова, рад стараться с:
На пол-экрана - это как? о: Стандартное разрешение окна 640х480, если об этом вопрос.

Aaaaa, I think my heart just melted qoq
I will do my best to deliver a fun (and painful) adventure c': Thank you!!

Ok, I hope it works for you :>

(If you mean that it's not indicated on itch, I forgot to check the box that says Windows... Just fixed that.)

Hi, can you tell me exactly what the problem is? This game should work just fine on Windows. I hope I can help.

Just saw a let's play of this. Lovely game - fantastic pixel art and intriguing story. This could honestly be a longer adventure game, I would dig a story about trying to uncover a conspiracy. You did a great job! I'll be looking forward to more stuff from you. :> 

Hey, this is cool! Thank you :3 Reminds me of the sketches I made for the maps.

Aww, thank you! <3 Let me know if I can help sort it out, it should work on Windows. There are a few let's plays as well if you'd like to watch it.

What do you mean? It is for Windows (not for other OS, sadly). Is there a problem that is preventing you from running it?

Hi Mel! I am very flattered that you want to translate it, of course you can! <3
You can also contact me if you need to discuss how to better translate certain things. (Can't help with Spanish itself, though, since I don't speak it. But that makes it especially cool to have a translation.)

Спасиииибо, рад стараться с:
Насчёт исчезновения парней - во многих пиксельных играх так делают, чтобы не париться с программированием "гусеницы" из людей. Плюс эстетические причины.