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Toxic Tuba

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congrats on the #1 rank for graphics in the lowrezjam! Great game!

thank you man! :)

It was fun to do, but currently we have a painted and pixeled adventure in the works :)

interesting but very confusing :)

you should start thinking with portals :)

I need this treatmeant!

When will it finally release?

I really love this game, the story and the characters are so loveable while the art keeps you engaged all the time!

this is so my sense of humor

zFRAG community · Created a new topic ZEN

I am defragged now. Even zfragged.

thank you :)

The graphics were made in blender with some posteffects in Photoshop and the character was sketched with pencil and digitized and painted over in Photoshop.

What Roden said, it's hard to see where you are and where you are compared to obstacles, other than that it looks and plays great!

hahahah no! :)

or GAMEPLAY or such...

okay, good to know. Keep it up :)

I don't know what to do? And I can't even shoot in case things mess up...

could be fun. But some message like, "you reached the end of the demo" would avoid unnecessary sucicides by jumping back down again ;)

cool music!

the music is cool, but plexsoup is right, a portable version would be waaaaay better.

I just completed it and it is great fun. Left a rating too :)

yeah, this easily gets stressy and messy!

12,643 in ~5 minutes. Phew!

hey, nice graphics :)

Though jumping could need better control, it is more like floating and swimming.

are there any controls to this game? I see him with some bills and a bottle but can't do anything :P

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this is great fun, but after some time my finger dies! :)