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this is a fun game but getting very hard very quick! :)

that is a fun game!

i need a "shrink my ship" powerup! hitzone is too huge!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for making a Linux version, the readme tells about the glitch and the script to run it, that is kinda convenient, except that you wrote the whole gamename into the script while the file is called differently, this does not work, it needs to call HWKWA_Linux_x86.x86... just wanted to say that before I forget it while playing... which I will do now :)

lots of games use ctrl+alt for jump+attack. some use z&x but I hate that because I have a qwertz keyboard, please stick to ctrl+alt or x&c or so. thanks :)

lol, came to the comments to say exactly this.

movement controls on the arrow keys and jump and attack for the left hand, maybe x&c would be better!

cool music too!

I think so, I haven't reimported that yet, just exported, but that is the way it is supposed to work for the geometry and texturemaps, you need the image texture too to see color.

on twitter for sure, but you mean here on itch?
let my just test what happens when I write @CaptainD then :)

sure will. I should mention everyone testing the game that has an itch acc and a twitter acc...

can you @ - mention folks on itch?


yes, please do. I should write another newspost that we are in beta stage now... or maybe tomorrow, beta still takes a while :)


you might find it in game or totally miss it, it is not the most important line in the game, but this line happened to be line 1000, and I like it...

wow, some hot stuff right there!

this was not in the MAGS game, this is an addition only found in this very deluxe game to set the stage for yet another additional puzzle. The whole mummyray machinery looks completely different now, and I like to think it looks better :)

cool idea and really well done! Love all the clouds!

good model and I like your humor! :)

really impressive, really well done!

cool idea and great execution!

this is pretty fun, I made this with it:

and probably use it more later, thank you :)

I feel so lost in space and I love it!


my adventures into 3d look like this

this is beautiful! I'm currently adding more and more and more and more animals :)

this looks very interesting! despite the huge filesize to generate some images I'd love to try this on linux. Any chance you'll release a linux version any time soon?

it's out! It's great! Thanks for making this!!!


I use the linux version, it works, but here are some suggestions, no idea if this works on windows already:

* keep the directory where I loaded a file also in memory, not only the last file (for animations)

* show thumbnails for folders, not filenames, it's images we are looking at after all

* give the option to select a save folder, maybe optional

* give the option to remove the timestamp from the filename (more for an options menu

* give the possibility to change the output filesize canvas and also keep higher resolutions

cool, I'll report back if there are any hickups on the linux version :)

blender is really good, give it a try.

But is also is very complex.

after watching the making of I gave it a try. It is fun, but this configuration is also awkward when you have a european keyboard, there Z and Y are switched, XCVB would be a better key configuration.

this looks cool, but it seems it is very unfinished / unfinishable?

congrats on the #1 rank for graphics in the lowrezjam! Great game!

thank you man! :)

It was fun to do, but currently we have a painted and pixeled adventure in the works :)

interesting but very confusing :)

you should start thinking with portals :)

I really love this game, the story and the characters are so loveable while the art keeps you engaged all the time!

this is so my sense of humor

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I am defragged now. Even zfragged.