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Love the aesthetic of the game and a great take on the theme ! It gets already frantic for my brain at level 3 ! XD Great game, keep it up !

It's a finished game. good art, nice puzzles and interesting narrative ! I have nothing to had.. just put it on steam already ? XD

A really clever game with a fun and efficient mechanic ! you should really polish it a publish it ! I'd love a "easier" difficulty curve for my mush of a brain because I got stuck pretty fast without understanding all the possibilities of this game XD ! Amazing work nonetheless !

Cool idea! (get it ?)  I think it would make a great game with friends ! The main mechanic of cooling ammo is brilliant and I hope you'll add some polish and work on a post jam version, because your game is really interesting !

Really cool idea for this theme ! it works really well and can easily be expended ! Great work !

Nice idea for the jam ! if you plan on a post jam version, a little more polish like animation and add some ability to pick sheeps up and you'd get a cool little game ! 

Really cool puzzle game ! the dynamic aspect to it keeps you on your toes ! Great game, keep it up !

Loved the mario like gameplay with nice level design ! the momentum should maybe reset when you fail and increasing the speed of the ball would give the game a speed run style gameplay that could become really addictive ! A little more polish and you could have a solid game ! :D

The two game modes are really interesting ! The camera is maybe a bit too close for the first one, otherwise the game could bit polished a bit and made as a mobile game and could work really well ! Nice work !

Really fun take on the theme. The sound design is a bit spammy with baby sounds, but the idea works really well and can be polished and released as a small game ! Great work !

If you plan on continuing on this game after the jam, you have a lot of potential. The game just needs a objective to get to on every levels and a bit of level design to become a parkour platformer with tight controls ! Nice work !

The game has an interesting idea, the frequency of the changes is maybe a bit to fast. Different levels with a difficulty curve could maybe help. Otherwise a cool polish and the game can become a frantic game of platform !

Interesting take on the theme. Sometime fire appear right in front of the character and is impossible to avoid. Cool idea that can be refined into a really funny game !

Interesting take on the theme, could use a little polish if you want to continue developing it. Interesting game ;)

Really frantic game ! My hand almost gave up on me ! XD Nice job !

This is stupidly clever, I loved your take on the theme ! with a bit of polish I could easily see this game as a coopetition game with a lot of players in versus and a sea of balls and different level compositions ! Nice work !

Love the Aesthetic, It's a great work on the theme and the platforming is clever and easy to pick up ! The notebook white could be a little less white, or maybe boost the contrasts to help see the level a little better but that's just a big nitpick ! GREAT GAME, keep it up !

Cool Idea and really funny take on the theme ! A map with a bit less space could be cool ;) Adding different interactions could easily make it a full game ! Nice work !

Cool idea for the theme, a little bit more clarity and specificity for different towers and you have a solid game that can be expended on !

Thank you a lot ! We're super happy you enjoyed our game ! We hope to make it even better after the jam ! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the main mechanics even with the lack of levels ! We're making a post jam version for all the players in hunger for more puzzles !

Thanks for the feedback ! It means a lot for us that you enjoyed Aurore's game !

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Hey, Thank you, we're so glad you enjoyed this jam version of Aurore's game ! We're indeed planning into a post jam version with more levels and less bugs, but we'd also like to introduce Aurore's story in the far future :D So stay tuned ! ;)

Thanks a lot for the lovely feedback ! We're actually making a post jam version with more levels, less bugs and a tutorial ! If you're interested,  stay tuned ! 

Hey, thanks a lot for the lovely feedback ! We're so glad you like it ! We're making a post jam with some bug fixes and more levels if you're interested ! ;)

Cool little pixel platformer game with sharp controls and interesting level design ! The main "critics" would be to have a notification / feedback on the changes of controls. Otherwise the idea of making the controls as far as F12 really kept me on my toes ! :D Great work !

Loved the way you interpreted the theme ! great game, simple and efficient ! can easily be transformed in a mobile game like fruit ninja ! the game would need a little bit of polish for the boxes and some "hazards" that you shouldn't swallow and it could get really frantic ! Nonetheless GREAT GAME, keep it up !

The idea of a rogue-like game with out of control movement is a big challenge but you managed it really well ! The enemies are varied and easily understandable, the music, sounds and aesthetic is stunning ! Great work ! I was wondering if the levels are randomly generated or not ? nonetheless AMAZING GAME that can easily get expended on !

Cool idea and well executed ! I can easily see more levels with new systems or enemies ! If you plan on continuing, I would suggest more "juiciness" to polish the minimalist style :) nonetheless, Great game, Keep it up !

Thanks for your feedback ! We're making a post jam version with nice tutorial levels ! Stay tuned !

the game has this crazy fast gameplay that makes it really exiting to surf through the level. it's simple and efficient but mechanic of wall bounce can be a little difficult to manage sometimes, especially to read signs :) Otherwise great game that can easily be expended upon ! Nice job !

Really cool little game, the idea of stress is quite interesting ! great creation of symmetrical level design, with cool new little addition to help keep the game interesting ! maybe less hp for the first mobs would make the game a little less slow at the beginning (a bit of nitpicking) Otherwise Très bon jeu ! bravo à toi ! 

A game that reward precision and fast decision making is really nice ! A fresh take on the theme ! A bit of polish, different enemies and optimization and it could be a great little game for mobile or pc ! great work !

I love the use of the chaos theory of a gamejam game, super cool and creative take on the theme. It's simple and works really well, Good job !

I trusted Jeremy, because DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO !... I should have listened... he ended up last... Great game with a lot of pursonality (I'm not sorry) the game could use a bit more polish to be a full game but I'd gladly play a post jam version ! Great game, Keep it up !

Really cool aesthetic, clever puzzle game and an interesting bit of story. The camera angle is really cool, but the movement can be a bit improved on, could be a bit more fluid or let you go further if the button is still pressed :) Otherwise, great game, keep it up and hope to see more !

Really cool idea for the theme, I feel like I'm doing an Easter egg chase and I love it ! Great work !

Thanks for your feedback, we're really glad you enjoyed this jam version ! if you're still interested, we'll make a post jam version with more levels, so stay tuned !

Thank you,  We're really glad that you liked the idea ! Your feedback means a lot to us. Indeed a tutorial is what surfaced from this gamejam version ! We're taking notes on any suggestions that will be tested and then we'll release a post jam version of the game with fixed bugs, tutorial AND more levels :D  We'd like to make you experience the story of Aurore in the far future, but that's just hope for now ! :D

Wow, thanks a lot for your lovely comment ! we really appreciate it ! Indeed we read everything said on the game and add it to the list of things we want done for a post jam release. :D We'll try to had more levels and maybe after this version, a full version with the story of Aurore (if it's possible :D)