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 hey, Nazi's and the Alt-Right on itch.io 🖕 right here, buddy. Suck on this, bitch. You can pretend my finger is Hitlers dick, if it makes it easier for you. Hold on, wait, I think I have another one. 🖕 pow! Enjoy 😊

>Overall i don't know if you just want make a clone for exercise or want to have more interesting twist.


you're not supposed to press R and help says that up+x opens chests (if you're not holding anything though)

You've already been replaced. No, you don't matter to me, I don't know you, you're one of hundreds of thousands of people and yet you expect to be treated like a friend? You're not a friend and I have no idea who you are. We get 800-1000 new subscribers every single day. No-one in the world could possibly care about each individual and anyone that says otherwise is LYING TO YOU. If you prefer to be lied to rather than told the truth, by all means, unsub.

not sure what do you mean by "stuff" (stones can trigger traps and you're holding one)