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Okay. Thank you very much.

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Hello. This is absolutely amazing. Is it okay if I embed some of your shader code in my game so that I can generate random planets (and others) at runtime, instead of generating huge sprite sheets? If so, I will make sure to credit you.

Could you give me some examples as to what you mean by “give the game a show in 3D”?.

I watched a video on it. Yes it is very similar. I did notice a few very different mechanics though.

– 1 – In my game, the snake has a head. If head dies, you die. In snkxr I saw no head. – 2 – In my game, you basically just avoid everything as a collision with an enemy causes death to segments. In snkxr, I’m not sure but it’s not instant death.

What is snkxr?

I would like to use these assets for commercial use. Who/Where did you get the assets from?

May I see one of the ships (just the ship so that it’s not blurred by how small it is in a screenshot)? I would like to know if the contrast between the greys and the colours is enough so that I can easily separate them by colour.

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Hello. This looks like exactly what I want for my game. Is there a version of each ship where the coloured part is separate (and greyscale, although I can make it greyscale myself) so that I can colourize it in-game use it as an overlay? in other words, I would like to be able to change the colours of the coloured parts of the ships in-game.