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Thank you. Me and my friend were thinking about doing the full game but for now I am still unsure about that. If we decide to do the game, it is probably going to become rogue-like or rogue-lite similar to Death's Gambit, Spelunky, Dead Cells and etc. I believe that this game suits better in that genre.

The relation between title and the game is none. I just got it from RNG. I randomed some more titles but did not like them so much. Initially, we were thinking about making intro showing that the main character is seeing a nightmare where he ends up fighting with martians. However, I am still beginner at coding and art as well so we tossed that idea away. 

Yeah, felt the same about the game. I didn't make it in time to check level design myself and fix all those things you listed. Thanks for the critique!

Awesome game