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Thaaaaanks!! :D

Hi! The game story is complete, you can play it from start to finish. But, as I'm a solodev and this is a new version there might be some bugs that i missed so I'll keep updating it. 

Also, I'll keep adding content and polishing some aspects of the gameplay on future updates, which is why it was published as early access. :)

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► What is Torii?

It's a first person narrative puzzle game. Tells the story of Ipa and her journey to find her little sister Lulu, who died in an accident when they were both young.

Torii is a story about guilt, frustration, life, and death. 

► What will you find in this demo?

It's a short demo to give you the idea of what the game is about. 

It's free, and you may consider supporting us to finish this emotional story :) 

► Gameplay

Synchronize! Use energy from creatures to synchronize. With this power you run faster and see things from the otherside wich may help you to solve puzzles.

► Follow us!

Please, consider following us on Instagram if you like the project it really really helps: @toriithegame

► Download, give it a try!


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Hi! Recently i updated  Torii's demo with a lot of new features!  But first, a trailer (it's a little bit old) : 

And the intro with Heather D'Angelo voice acting:

But, what is Torii? 

Torii is a project made by one person. It has been finalist of the most important competition in my country (Argentina) and i had the pleasure of showing it on a huge expo.  It's a game focused on it's narrative and solving puzzles between two different states. 

Who is Ipa?

Ipa is the protagonist. When she was young, her little sister died on an accident, because she wasn't where she had to be to take care of her. So she  dedicated her life to create a method to send her a message.



  • Explore a strange dimension, make your way with your ability to find the missing objects .
  • Introduce yourself to Ipa's story and feel the inmersion of Torii's esthetic (it can feels creepy).
  • Change between two different states to solve puzzles.
  • Find a lot of secret stuff.
  • Be careful with your time (you can't always stay in astral plane).
  • Meet the 'Imets' and the 'cube', recover a piece of your memory.


Last changes

You can see them in the last devlog:

Can i try the demo?

Of course! it's free!

Hope you like it! :)

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What is Torii ?

Hi everybody! Torii is a project with one month of development and made by one person. It has been finalist of the most important competition in my country (Argentina) and i had the pleasure of showing it on a huge expo. 

It's a first person narrative puzzler. A story about guilt, frustration, life and death. 

Right now it's a prototype, i'm working on different mechanics to match with the story i want to tell. The idea is to grow a community interested on indie games like these which are a little bit different and want to contribute with a fresh experience for players.

Can i try it?

Yeah! Always remember that all is constantly changing, (i'm making changes everyday), but you'll notice the essence of what i'm making. 

You can download the demo here:

Hope you like it!