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Thanks for the feedback ! Sure the game needs some more testing and tweaking but I think it works well like that for now !

Thanks for the feedback ! It's really appreciated

No problem, thanks for participating !

I get a white screen after clicking "New game"

Alright ! I think I didn't miss anything this time, was there something after the room with 2 men ?

The last room is huuuuuuge :o

Cool little puzzle game, I liked it ! 

A bit hard to understand in the beginning to be honest

Is there just one level or did I miss something ? 

I'm not sure what I was supposed to do :/

I got locked in this big corridor and then nothing. Maybe I missed something ?

Indeed ! We thought about for example space rats that could invade your ship and kill some of the crew ! They'd be present in certain events (so you go to the mechanic and you leave with rats)

Really a good game for me. The only suggestions I'd make : the evolution is quite hard to read (the text each time you know) and full screen would have been appreciated.

I like this entry a lot !

I love the idea of travelling to planets and VISITING THEM

I liked that game really

A Windows version would have been appreciated :)

I can't seem to play the game on windows, I open it but nothing happens. I'd really like to try it !

Really liked that game ! Maybe it's a bug, I don't really know, some times the enemies don't die when hit

I really liked the graphic style ! I had fun playing this :p

Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you liked it !

Oh right, thanks !

Not a bad thing !

I agree, the event spawning system could be less random and more procedural. Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback !

If you had fun or you learned something, you succeeded :p

Yeah, I did have scrap and had turrets unlocked but couldn't place them down :(

My favorite game so far, it is really well polished, really great job !

Same here ! Posting the comment to know when the game will be available

This game was really fun to play ! Tho it is a hard game 

Really liked this entry !

The controls are too complicated :/

How am I supposed to move with a hand, aim with another and shoot with another ?

I couldn't place turrets down

I don't get what I'm supposed to do tbh

Nice work !

I really like the game, especially the fact that losing is part of the game mechanics

Hey, for Windows, the .pck file is missing ! Without it the game can't be player :p

Fun to play :)

My favorite one so far ! Tho the gameplay is really slippery I loved the graphics and the game feel

I liked playing it, tho I didn't really understand why you gave the player the opportunity to change the speed

I really like the aesthetics and the ads spread in the world. Those futuristic mushroom towns are really cool.

I liked the story of the game and how it related to the theme.

But the game is too hard. There is no room for error in the level design, and that is really frustrating. One thing that makes it harder is that you can't jump from a wall, which is a standard in platformer games.

Overall I liked it however and I really tried it

This topic, about the future in the sense of pollution, climate change etc, it is really something I would have loved to make in this jam, and I'm thrilled to see some games about this.

Now, I was really confused about what should I do, I just built stuff kinda randomly, my popularity and budget fell down and I couldn't earn money to build more stuff, I was just waiting to lose.
I think a better UI would greatly benefit this game.

I liked the ambiance, it is really strong ambience, that really reminds of space to me. Explosions are faint, few sounds, minimalistic, I liked it.

Is it me or does the planet speeds up ?

Thanks for the feedback ! Events are indeed completely random and have the same chance to happen so, bad luck :p