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I'm pressing every button, yet I can't start the game.

I really want that font lol. The one from the terminal at the start of the game.

I really liked it! I can't wait to see more

I really liked it. It got a little confusing towards the end, but I understand that you guys were simply trying to experiment with different mechanics, which I don't mind at all. Use me as your guinea pig! I liked how immersive it was, and the voice acting wasn't bad. All in all, when this gets finished I think it'll be on par with Event[0], but with a different storyline and different mechanics. Can't wait!

I've always been a fan of any game that incorporates text in it's GUI, and this game was no exception. I loved it! It had a good story, good voice acting, and the method of introducing puzzles worked very well to me. It leaves me with only one question:

What is code 7?