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Really liked the 4:3 aesthetic, to be honest, also yes! Will improve on visual and sound queues, thanks for the feedback 

Played through all the endings and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the game, got your message and it was really moving and motivating to keep working to improve myself and my gamedev skills! Thanks for making this

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Incredibly interesting game!

The demo did a good job showing off the capabilities of the game and its potential, had me hooked from start to finish and it didn't feel slow at all!

Now I'm not a professional in the matter, but I'll give my opinion nonetheless, here's some (but not all) pros : 

-Level design is superb and just as good as the aesthetic (Which I felt was spot on too);

-Game really does run fine on older hardware, as advertised (Got a steady 170 fps on a 5 year old laptop with 3GB of Ram and a fairly old graphics card);

-The game has its charm, both Alisa and Pol are very intriguing characters;

-Controls customization, need I say more?;

-Easy to understand inventory system and generally good UI.

Overall a project worth following for a while and possibly support, only complaint is that I ran into a bug which prevented any kind of interaction, from opening doors to inspecting items, fixed it by opening and closing the inventory but could not successfully replicate the bug to give further info.

Also hoping this gets some translations.

Good luck with developement and happy birthday, giving all my support from italy :)

Does that apply to OSTs too?