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This is a pretty fun game. I played all the way to Duckface and gave up when I died right at the end. I love bullet hells, and they're even better when they are rhythm based. I was wondering however, if game pad compatibility was planned for the future, or if there will be any new levels later on (Might I recommend Xtrullor, Goldheartsenpai, or 1nf1nty for some good tracks). I know for sure I will try to beat every level, no matter how much I struggle!

It's a nice game, but do you think you could add controller compatibility? This would be so much more comfortable to play with a controller

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For some reason my game tends to crash if I try to open buchis DNA menu with some of the DNA I get from the lady in the woods, past harbei. As far as I know, it's only if I have certain ones and it's not all of the time.

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Funny thing, I just finished the demo as the game went live. Good thing too, because I didn't know how long I would've been able to wait. This game is amazing. From the art style, to the story, to everything you can do on the side! It hurts me to say this (because I love this game so much) but my only real complaint so far would be that the alchemy tutorial is a little vague, for me at least. I think I've gone through it at least 3 or 4 times and I don't fully understand what I am supposed to do. Other than that (and its a very minor thing), I love this game and I am going to enjoy playing the full version so much!