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Hey itchios!

I released my little game about three months ago and never really promoted it.
I'd really like a few more people to play it so I've made it free!

Cat Pen Panic is about herding (not hurting) cats. Your clients arrive during the day with their furry bundle of joy and expects it to be swiftly returned later in the day. The challenge lies in directing and "organizing" the cats so you can hand them over in time before the client gets annoyed and gives you a bad rating. Use your mouse to shoo the cats or pick up toys and other objects to affect the cats' behavior. There are 10 days (levels) with increasing amounts of chaos. Hope you have fun!

Great work! I liked the top down view of the rooms and there's some great ambiance. Personally not a big fan of combination locks though.

(1.0 in browser) A bug broke the game when I fiddled with the chemistry set in the second act. I put the middle empty vial on the burner and turned it on. I may have left clicked or tried to turn it off again, when the screen went black and I couldn't continue. Hope it's enough to fix it!

Huge thanks for taking the time to try it out and then giving all this feedback! It really means a lot! :)

It's like you've snuck into my apartment and had a look at my notebook... 🤔

Possessing suits of armor and spooking is on there, but it's not that high up the list I'm afraid. They're really interesting ideas but it'd be a whole new system on it's own and I'm trying to keep things contained with the feature creep. 😅 So we'll see if I can sneak it in some time or not.

In regards to story, you've pretty much nailed my thoughts on the matter. Show not tell, etc! Also collectables!

I hope you'll stick around to see the next version and thanks again for the great feedback! Cheers!

Thanks! The menu screen pulled double duty as pause screen (ESC) and end screen 😅 for the purposes of this jam. Probably not the best idea to not show it at the start!

I uploaded a mac version, so please have a look and tell me if it works at all! 😄

Thanks! Unfortunately the HTML export wouldn't work 😥 no idea why...
I'll see if I can upload a mac one though!

Yeah it's an tricky mechanic to make puzzles for... the jumpers (and many other aspects) definitely needs tweaking! Pretty hard to balance the difficulty, since the puzzles are not that hard when you're the designer 😄. But I get it, there's some subtle aiming you gotta figure out to solve the puzzles.

Thanks for the feedback!

The gameplay video on the game page shows the intended look. The glitch may be due to a bug in Godot. 🤔 Is it very bad? There's an issue in the godot bug tracker, but they seem to be putting it off until v4.0 with the new Vulcan back end next year 😭

What do you mean "lift higher"? You control the ghost and pull on the ball with the chain. The ball can end up above the ghost but is usually what weights down the ghost.

Woho, I killed the witch! I Enjoyed playing this and the movement mechanic was fun.

Nice work!

To start, it's a really interesting premise and I like it a lot. With that said, I think it will be pretty difficult to pull it off. Your current implementation may be a bit too disorienting... I may just not be smart (or patient) enough to crack the puzzle though 😉

Nicely done! Nothing spookier than a potentially sentient AI 😄

The "sonar" mechanic is really interesting and you could do a lot with it. The bell's pitch seems random right now; maybe it could be used as a proximity thing where its pitch gets higher as you get closer to the key.

Sadly, I did not find the key even after a good while's search. I did find the eye though!

Excellent work!

Thanks! 😄

Those witches has very infectious laughter! 😂

Extra kudos for making your own graphics! Keep it up!

Ah, noted! I'll give more consideration to the theming in the future 😊

Ambitious to make a dungeon crawler in 48h! Well done!

I think some feedback when you hit enemies would be nice. A sound, maybe some pushback on the enemy and a few particles spraying out.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!
I tried to make a HTML version but I mucked it up so I removed it. Not sure if I can add it now after the deadline; waiting for a reply from Theo. ^^
What do you think could be improved on the game page?
I'll go have a look at your game, cheers! 😄

Man those ghost are disturbing! I love em! 😄

How grim, his dad carving him up 😬😄

'Dad' cornered me just as I took one of those generators. Really no way of avoiding it...

Nice work with the spooky and coherent visuals! Keep it up!

I guess I should've given it an extra minute to make it work in browser... 🤔

Is it allowed to add it after the deadline?

(1 edit)

Many thanks! Useful to know that hashtagging this on twitter bore fruit 🤔😄

I had fun playing this! Gotta say I enjoyed the writing and the insanity mechanic has a lot of potential.

I can relate to the skeleton metaphor, albeit on-the-(missing)-nose 😂

Thanks a lot! I'll take that into account if I keep developing it! 😊

Yeah sound design isn't my strong suit, for sure! 😅 Glad you enjoyed it anyway!

Did I steal that guy's chocolates? Not cool... no wonder he murdered me!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! 👻

Always love me some spooky sci-fi settings! Great work on the visuals!

I ran through almost all the game without using the mouse... t'was lotta moon walking 😂
Reached the end room with the red meat-eye-blob-monster.

Did you make the music too?

Using enemies against each other is a fun mechanic. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot! You're not the only one suggesting it 🤔, we will see...

Thanks a ton for the feedback!

The biggest problem with physics based puzzles like this is that you need a whole lot of play testing 😄
Some found the second puzzle way harder, some got stuck on the third.

I tried to run the game on windows but I got an error that "UnityPlayer.dll" is missing.. 😢