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Anthony Mendez

A member registered Jun 29, 2017 · View creator page →


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Now this is good. Catchy, repetitive music, intuitive controls, good small levels. Overall just good "juicing" and a well made game.

Still need to fix quite a few things before Friday but here's where the project is right now :)

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Made a pre-release for my game so you can see where I'm at with it: https://github.com/tonydetiger/Vector-Shot/releases/tag/v0.1

I really like this game, it's clever.

Vector Shot 

So this is my first attempt at a Game Jam and my first game that I finish. I have another game I'm working on but I decided to try this out and try to make all the assets in house (yes, I will even use my shitty voice to record shooting and explosion sounds).

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You too my man!

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Seem likes it's just make it possible to finish it within a minute.

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I'm wondering this myself.