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Thanks very much x), oh it's not the only bug to be honest you can somtimes stuck on trees and rarly some hollows kill you, but that's bcause i didn't have time to test it regouresly before the submition and i am actually working on this bugs and add somme features x).

i'll go try yours x)

Thank you very much, i am actualyworking , i fix some porblems like the number of spawns, parry with the camerca direction ect x)

Thank you, normally the game makes appear 6 opponent at launch, but a bug simply fixable that only 3 appear ... My biggest regret is to not have fixed it, because the game as it is here, is really very slow to launch, and therefore quite difficult.
And honestly, i didn't think about what the player did to this warriors, i can tell you a story if you want, but it dont realy metter it's juste a stupid game where the Ai is stupid x)

Like the description say's, you sure can't defat them, but you should try to position yourself and dodge,block at the right time to let them killeatch other. It's a little hardcore but the player should try to find his strategy to make the ennemys attack eatch other, make the mages tuch wariors with their firball for exemple or make the munster jump on the mage ect... x)