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A member registered Feb 15, 2017

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Finished the demo recently, the suspense from that final shot is killing me! The premise reminds me quite a bit of Danganronpa, which is great as it's my favourite series of all time! Quantum Suicide will give me something to enjoy during the inevitable wait for NDRv3 (and it'll be something I can fully enjoy without spoilers for once). I'll be marking the release date on the calendar, and definitely buying the full version!

This game had me hooked from the instant I loaded it up! I'm really not a fan of horror games, but the atmosphere that the beginning had captivated me entirely! I think the endings must have taken me through a whole host of emotions by the end, and (trying not to spoil here) I'm glad it ended how it did. The one problem I had, and this is just a small thing, is that the English translation isn't exactly fantastic, there are some places where the phrasing is perhaps too literal. But other than that this is one of the best VNs I've played on this site! I can't wait to see more of your work!