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Hey guys! Loved the game, but you didn't leave a link to the LD page, and I'm struggling to find it... Would you mind dropping a link so I can rate it :)

Thank you very much for the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I definitely tried to put a lot into the movement and animation, so I'm glad they felt as good as I wanted them too!

That's intentional, I wanted to experiment with a different way of handling a jump for a bird, especially since you can jump without landing on the ground.

It could have been done better though, and at least explained a little better haha

Thank you very much for playing!

This is awesome! My favourite game from the jam yet!

Drawing weapons, out of bones no less, is genius and I love it. I could totally see a full Zelda-like adventure game with this mechanic. Not saying it's perfect - I think the controls scheme is a little unwieldy, and there's a bit too much down-time while I wait for my bones to recharge, but overall? This is a great jam game, and I hope you keep going.

This really isn't the type of game I play, but MAN WAS IT FUN! The shooting was fun, movement felt floaty at first but I quickly got used to it, the enemy variety is awesome, and the music is crazy good!

I don't even have much to suggest improvements-wise, it's a really solid game. I think I may have found a new genre to try, so thank you!


It's a little unwieldy to control, and feels like I'm at the good boi's mercy, but I think that's exactly what is meant to happen.

The most fun 2 minutes I've had while rating everyone's games.

Great job!

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There's a cool idea in there, I think the game just needs more time to really shine.

Everyone has already pointed out the problems with the movement and the collision, so here's some practical tips on how I'd fix it:

  • For the colliders, you'll be best off using a CompositeCollider. That then prevents the player getting stuck on the seams between colliders, which appears to be what's happening here.
  • For the movement, make sure you're using a Rigidbody2D, and using the velocity on that for movment. personally, I like to manually set the X velocity to the horizontal input * moveSpeed, with the Y velocity left as is. For jumping, you then just use Rigidbody2D.AddForce(). Make sure the rigidbody's gravity scale is quit high, but then your jump force is too - you'll get a nice snappy jump!
  • You could also have the camera interpolate towards it's target using Vector2.Lerp(), and this would not only make it feel a lot smoother, but also make the transition between characters really nice!

These aren't hard to do, but it'll really make the overall experience much cleaner!

I don't want to be pessimistic, because the idea is cool, and it's an achievement to make anything in 48 hours! Definitely keep going with this, I'd love to see it polished up a bit :)


Pretty cool idea for a puzzle game! The controls through me off and I never really got the hang of them, but it was still fun figuring out how best to manage both characters.

If you keep working on it though, I'd try to avoid sections where you just walk around as one character, as that's not where the game shines, and makes the controls feel less natural.

Good job, this was super fun!

This is really cool! A nice mechanic, explored pretty well.

I could totally see this becoming a pretty unique metroidvania, with new abilities with the bow opening new paths!

I think the combat and platforming felt a little floaty, which is a shame given how cool the slow-mo when you aim a shot is. But, it didn't feel too bad, and the swinging on the rope felt great.

Great job, keep going with it!

Glad you enjoyed it, rage aside!

You can slow yourself down - jumping completely resets your vertical velocity and can be done whenever that cooldown bar isn't visible; and you can hold the jump button to slowly glide back to the ground!

I could have done a bit more to explain this in-game, sorry about that haha

Wow! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is incredibly well presented! And a really quite nice idea, at that. If you fleshed this out a bit I could totally lose hours playing this as a cute, chilled out puzzle game.

It could have used a tutorial on how to play it, but nonetheless, a really cool game!

It's a pretty fun little distraction - 5 minutes well spent, it was fun! 

There's a few things you might want to address though:

1. There was a series of rocks around the 200m mark I came across that I really struggled to naviagte through, as the first rock would then cover the whole screen and make it impossible to plan a path through.

2. I had a strange bug on my first run. Not sure how, but I jumped, and my fish shot into the air, only to fall back down about 30 seconds later... I wish I had a gif...

Nice entry though!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, egg mishaps aside!

I do have plans to keep working on it, in fact I'm currently hard at work on a polished and extended post-jam version ^^

This was a pretty cool game! I wish you'd introduced the other towers a bit earlier though - I was about to give up after level 3 since it was a bit of a slog, but I saw on your page that level 10 had all the mechanics!

Speed the pace up a bit, and I might go back and try the other levels.

Good job on getting this made though!

This is super unique! I love the mechanic, the presentation, everything!

It is super hard though, I got close but I could hardly clear the second level! There's not really much you can do when you make a mistake, so I end up just replaying the same first few moves of a level over and over again. Not too sure how best to approach this, perhaps letting people climb back up? Not sure.

Still though, awesome entry! Keep working on this!

Pretty interesting mechanic, even if it wasn't explored quite as much as I'd have liked. 

A little more polish could have gone into some things:

- The explosion should be a little smaller, it should also have sound and some screen shake

- The blocks blend in with the background too much, meaning I have to take way too long to make my next move, and then die

- I think the bloom is a little too intense, feels like I'm staring at the sun sometimes haha

It's still a really nice entry though! Fun little 5 minute game.

Not sure if the controls quite match the platformer gameplay, though that might just be me being stubborn. It just felt a bit annoying to be having to press 3 buttons each time I wanted to jump, rather than just one - plus the more traditional and streamlined input feels more comfortable for me.

But, I do think it's commendable to have tried a new control scheme! And it was executed well, it just might suit a more tactical game better, in my opinion. A game like Patapon, where you type commands out to a squad with this control scheme might be a more comfortable match.

Not sure.

Still though, this is a really cool little game. Good job!

Haha, sorry about that! I rushed through the sound stage and may have got the mixing wrong... Oops! I'll make sure that's addressed going forwards!

Haha, thank you! I've been trying to find an excuse to use that cute walk animation for months! Glad you liked it

Thanks for the great feedback!

Totally agree that more could be done - I had plans for more egg-related puzzles in the levels, such as windy conditions that would blow them around, or even a level where there was no rope and you had to push them. But, as is the case with jams, I just ran out of my free time for the weekend.

I'll give your game a play too!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

I agree about the egg breaking - it's really inconsistent and it baffles me sometimes too. I'll be working on a more robust system for handling it in a post-jam build.

Haha, sorry about that! I mixed everything in a bit of a rush, and after everything seemed too quiet I might have made them a little too far on the opposite end of the scales... Oops!

Glad you enjoyed the game regardless!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was definitely trying to experiment with new gameplay and art styles, so I'm glad they turned out so well!

Sorry about that! I didn't get much time to mix things, so I didn't quite realize how loud it was!

I'm glad you enjoyed nonetheless!

This game really has a lot of potential! Bunny hopping around, constantly switching weapons for each enemy - with some better game feel, and some more enemies, this could be a really cool arena shooter!

The movement could use a little work - when you get going it feels good but I think you should strive to make both movement and shooting feel as awesome as possible when making one of these.

Awesome little game, I hope you keep going with it.

That's awesome! Glad I could get something as simple as moving to be that fun haha

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you very much!

Yeah, the egg has been a bit of a nightmare - code wise it just cracks when it hits the wall with too much velocity, but that seems really inconsistent as sometimes it can just break as your sliding it along the floor... I'll look into it though!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! The egg cracking has been really weird bug to squash, but I'll keep looking into it.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The idea is neat, but I think the execution is off. More range on the throw, a faster pace to gameplay, and a little more leniency, and this could be quite fun!

Keep working on it, though, I'd like to see this become something cool.

First of all: massive congrats on finishing your first jam! That's a huge accomplishment!

There's some pretty cool ideas here, and I'd love to see it explored further. Perhaps there could be more to do in the past? Since most of the gameplay comes from the future.

With some more time, and a little more work on the presentation, this could be a cool little game! Nice one.

This game is so atmospheric, I love it! I feel like I could play this for a while if there was a bit more to the gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, while I don't mind the amount of spikes, I feel as though their hitboxes are a little unfair. I'd have their hitbox lie a bit further in from the edges, just so that a player isn't punished for lightly grazing them. One pixel crossing into the spikes shouldn't be a loss!

Other than that though, really nice entry!

This is an awesome take on the twin-stick shooter! The web shooting was surprisingly satisfying, and in the rare event I started getting a combo going, the rising pitch on the collection sounds was a really nice touch!

Would love to have a bit more of a challenge though, because as far as I can tell there isn't a lose condition? Not a dealbreaker, this is seriously fun, but it's something to consider if you develop it further.

Nice one!

Yeah that's definitely a problem - I think going forwards I'm going to need a more robust way of handling the egg cracking, because it's super inconsistent.

I'm glad you enjoyed nonetheless though!

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm glad you like the concept and the art, they're definitely the bits I focused on the most. 

Yeah I can see the egg sound being a little loud - I didn't catch it at the time, and didn't get much time to work on the mix - sorry about that!

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Ah, oh no! Glad the rest of the game was fun despite the loud egg crack haha! I didn't get much time to mix the audio, so it's something I'll look into.

Thank you very much for playing!

Okay, yeah that makes sense - can't believe I didn't think of that... Will get that done by the weekend. Thanks for the help!

Yep, I think we're missing Heresy and Treachery!

I planned on adding them in, but just didn't have enough time, and came up with some silly plot reason for it haha