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Pro tip: Use the pause to your advantance. (really useful in level 6)

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i was about to say "I wish while you are grapling a object, you can swing beneath the screen instead of dying" but then I realise, that's for anti-cheat (i was angry because I tried to break the game instead of playing it the correct way :p)

The only things I would like to mention is the speeding the charather can be quite OP (though, if you don't remove it that's okay too, because I like going FAST) . Also, the grapple only grapple to the things to the right and not the closest thing. (I know you need to go forward but it's better if it's the closest object because in certain scenarios it need to be the closest object so just make it the closest object. I would also like a crosshair to be placed on a object that will be grappled on)

Also, I finished the game! Had loads of fun.

Nice game! But  I would like to tell you some issues.

1. When the game FPS is high, charathers will move fast. To fix this, please add "*Time.deltaTime" onto the movement code . (Vector3 position = Vector3.MoveTowards(base.transform.position, this.targetPosition, this.speed * 60 * Time.deltaTime);)

2. The hitbox of the is a bit annoying. It probably best to align the tanuki into the grid.

3. There's a glitch which causes the player to go through walls when he is hurt.

Great game! Not gonna spoil anything but just know this game is strange.

Though, it a bit short

Game is great! I think 2 players mode is broken or I just don't know how it works. The game also need a score board and mabye some new stuff appearing on screen instead of just mindlessly collecting pellets while the timer goes down faster with each one.

It's been a pleasure joining this jam! However, I won't upload my game before the deadline since...

In my country, the time is 6:00 p.m. The deadline is tommorow at 1:00 a.m. Plus, my family is gonna go to a wedding reception soon. So, I'm not able to submit my project on time. I will still upload it but it won't be part of the jam. The reason why 1 week isn't enough is because I did not joined the game jam. Only four days after the game jam started, I checked out this game (called "Out From The White") and it was part of jam! So, I decided to follow and finally work on a proper game and actually release it (that's what good about game jams)

Since of the late join, I will upload my game after the jam ends (it won't be a part of the jam but that's ok) I really enjoyed my time on this jam as my sister and I work on the game! (this game jam actually force me to work and not slack off. I also FINALLY able to release a proper game) So, my game will be released tommorow or the day after that. I can't wait for the next game jam! (please let it be soon~) I will work on a more gameplay less story game for the next 2-button jam! (plus I will join early this time) Until then, thanks for the experience!

Game link: coming soon


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So, my game uses the right arrow to go right and the spacebar to interact. I want a message to pop-up when the player presses the left arrow key that the charather has no time to waste and needs to go to the store. Can I add that? It's not connected with gameplay and it's not important for story (because the charather already said that "I have to go to the store fast")

It's easy, just set everything to 9999. Then, read the kids novel for the number of clicks to press on the padlock. (press the buttons on top)

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Great! Just need some fixes and improvements (SPOILER ALERT):

1. There is shadow in that one hallway with the comics (don't know if it's intentional or not) but it does not effect the yellow door. Pls fix that.

2. THE MOUSE SENSITIVITY should be ruduce by a lot. (unless you want a high sensitivity mode)

3. How do I control the game when the How To Play does not show the controls? (I would like it to be back)

4. Sometimes the darkness that appears when Baldi caught you will stop early (or not fully?) causing me to see some parts of the hallway lit up.

5. There is no item change axis in the control mapping.

6. Mabye add a in-game resolution change in the options?

7. Gotta Sweep's poster is outdated.

8. You can put the negative number and number 0 all the time in YCTP if you use the pad.

9. When you're repeatly hitting the yellow doors, reset the voiceline and play a new one so it won't hear jumpled.

10. The buttons for the control mapping will be blurry when the resolution is small.

11. You can still see the rope after you did a jump in the jumprope minigame in certain resolutions.

Other than that, it's just my opinion! The update is overall good!

You need to go to the left side of the screen to go to the pool on the right. Then, you go on those platforms to get to the chains.

Your game is featured on the gmtk best games. Congrats!

Nice game!

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Actually quite fun! You should fix the endless walking during completing several levels and the player should die when he fall. Other than that, this is a good game. Work more on it later (like more levels and features) and keep on improving!

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Add the items and music!! Also, add a button config plz because my right click button is broken!!  Make each brother have a different speacial ability. There should be some sort of gadgets to make the more EASIER cuz the game is TOO hard! (like towers defences or just the tower on them)

Nice game! Work on it more later~