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¿Can you create maps in the Android version?

In short: the game was damaged and the textures were bad

Curiously I can not with controls, before if I had a console but I forgot how, do not you another bug, with textures once between as always and when starting the floor was black, baldi, 1zt prize and principal of the thing, the pictures of arts & crafters and baldi in the detention room you could not see, the yellow doors when you opened them a black wall and everthing appeared as cut out in black

Thank you very much for answering my question, I've also played baldi on pc and according to me on android it's a thousand times easier XD

Me what game on Android note this:

The new configured mode of the controls does not let me play well, they are too big for the screen, the old configuration was perfect and when I try to change it to small it returns to the previus one (it buged a lot)

The fps are better what is good, there are not other errors but that (the controls), I hope please the solutions because that configuration is only for large screens not medium or small